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Treviso real estate market: 5 things to know about 2021

One of the most difficult years for the Italian economy is about to end, and beyond. Let's take a look at the 2021 prospects for the real estate market and for those who sell or want to buy a house in Treviso

2020 has put a strain on many aspects of our life, from the most private to those related to economics and work. Even the real estate market was not exempt from the crisis, but at the end of the year we can say that we are facing a reversal.

We present a summary of the most important things to know about the Treviso real estate market and the national scenarios that await us. If you are dreaming of buying a house in this beautiful town, which combines charm, history, good living and a truly enviable geographical position, there is good news.


The Revenue Agency published its report on the real estate market in December, which also contains information on the economic trend at national level, in particular regarding the last quarter of 2020: the signs are encouraging, with an estimate of GDP growth 15% compared to the previous quarter.

And the same is true for the real estate sector, with an indication of substantial stability in sales prices and a favorable growth forecast over the next two years. As we will see later, this also applies to the Treviso real estate market.

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We are finally facing a turnaround for sales in the residential sector, again according to the Revenue Agency: after a period of sharp decline, over 4,200 more transactions were recorded than in the third quarter of 2019. According to experts, this data confirms that Italians want to buy and sell a house, and that this trend will be confirmed and will grow further in 2021.

Another interesting information, then, is the tendency to look for properties in areas far from large urban centers. The reason is economic but not only: the lock-down experience and the increase in smart working have changed the perspectives of those looking for a home and the vision of the province. Today, Italians are looking for larger cuts, preferably with gardens or outdoor spaces, and not necessarily inserted in large cities.

We have recently explored this topic, talking about what those who buy a house in Treviso are looking for at the end of 2020.

For the Treviso real estate market this is excellent news: the city, one of the best in Italy from the point of view of quality of life, can offer fantastic opportunities to those looking for comfortable spaces away from metropolitan chaos.

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One of the largest percentages of the entire national real estate market is concentrated in the Northeast regions and in the third quarter of 2020 we witnessed a significant growth in sales compared to the rest of the year. 

The Treviso real estate market, therefore, represents a scenario to keep an eye on with interest for those wishing to buy a house in the city or province, as well as for those offering Treviso homes for sale.
Also because, according to a recent report by the Sole 24 Ore which reports the forecasts of the last Forum organized by Scenari Immobiliari, investments in 2021 will particularly favor the logistics / industrial, tertiary and, above all, residential segments.

The elegant historic center of Treviso, in particular, is the area on which the attention of those who want to buy a house focus. Its pleasant tranquility, the abundance of services and the presence of highly prestigious properties are qualities that have not lost their attractiveness, despite the crisis.

The other most popular areas in the city are the Fuori Mura area, just outside the central circle, and the areas of Santa Maria della Rovere and the Tenni Stadium. From the point of view of economic evaluations, the average on properties within the municipality is around € 1,900 / sqm, with peaks of € 2,920 / sqm for the most prestigious areas.


Despite the long period of difficulty experienced by the real estate sector, the luxury sector maintains its stability, with a demand that remains constant from Italian and international buyers. If you are looking for houses for sale in Treviso with the prospect of a pleasant and elegant life in the province, or an excellent investment for the purpose of income, it is time to start studying the Treviso real estate market and make plans for 2021.

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