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Why rely on a Treviso real estate agency

To correctly evaluate your needs, to choose the right area, to find the house that fits your budget

Those who plan to buy a house generally fall into two categories: they know what they want, but have difficulty finding the right home, or they know that it is necessary to buy a house, but without having a clear idea of ​​what characteristics it should have what needs to meet. It is clear that in the face of such an important step, there are many aspects to be evaluated and, for this very reason, the support of a competent and helpful Treviso real estate agency can make a difference. Let's see how.


It all starts with the number of occupants who will live in the future house in Treviso. Hard-core singles looking for a home to customize, a newly married couple about to start a new life or families with children. The needs change and, above all, the sizes necessary for everyone to have their own space in the house. A two-room apartment in Treviso, for example, can be the optimal solution for a student who is building his future or for a worker who has recently moved to the city in search of a new job. It is unlikely that it will be for a couple who are planning to expand their family. But it's not just about how many people live in an apartment, it's also about how they want to live it. A single person will be more inclined to buy a three-room apartment if she has in mind to cultivate her passions at home, such as learning to play an instrument or devote herself to art. And let's not forget the type of preferred property. There are those looking for new homes for sale in Treviso, others an independent building outside the walls. The surroundings of Treviso are splendid, combining exclusivity and tranquility, and the new structures are obviously the most requested.

To the potential buyer sensitive to sustainability and the protection of the planet, the real estate agent will propose projects in the next delivery with a photovoltaic system for the roof of their home, so as to save on electricity and reduce emissions. Even better if combined with a good storage system, capable of storing the sun's energy captured during the day and then using it at night. For the more technological, however, we will offer homes with a good home gateway to technologically manage every aspect of the building. On the other hand, we at Engel & Völkers know it well, home automation is no longer the future, but the present that is transforming the way of living the home.


Is it better to buy a house in Treviso center, so as to have everything at hand, or to choose an apartment outside the walls or even in the province? A nice dilemma, which your Treviso real estate agency will be able to help you solve. Buying a house in the city center is the dream of many for several factors: services, nightlife, proximity to cities such as Venice and Verona, etc ... The latter are attracted above all by the so-called "crown districts" such as San Bona, San Pelaio and San Giuseppe , full of greenery and ideal for families with children and for the proximity to schools and sports centers. Buying a house in the city, however, does not exclude the need to own a car. This is why homes in Treviso with garage are considered more appealing.


Relying on a Treviso real estate agency is essential especially when it comes to the budget. The attentive and competent real estate agent who is dealing with a client with large budgets available will not propose the most expensive property, but the one that best meets his needs for space, style, internal and external characteristics of the house and finishes. used. It will do the same even in front of a customer who has limited budgets available, selecting from the proposals for sale not only the one that meets the exposed needs, but that falls within his spending possibilities as much as possible. Are you looking for your future home in Treviso and do you need the support of a competent and attentive real estate agency? Choose Engel & Völkers!

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