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Shades of blue for your Varese province properties

Tips for making the best use of trendy shades of blue

Pablo Picasso said that "the colors follow the changes of emotions". Reversing the sentence, we can say that colors affect emotions. Choosing the colors of your Varese province properties is not only a display of creativity, a way to wear interior design clothes, but also something more, which can put you in contact with the most intimate part of yourself.

Among the most mysterious and sought-after shades there are undoubtedly all the shades of blue and blue. This color is the symbol of calm, tranquility and balance. It is the color of two infinite vastnesses - the sea and the sky - and in your homes Varese can be that extra something that gives a touch of personality. As long as you know how to dose it well.

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The blue in your Varese province properties? Absolutely yes: it is trendy. Because this year's pantone is a particular shade of blue. That is, Classic Blue, which is the color of the sky before night falls. A color that encourages you to look beyond the obvious to think deeper and outside the box. A relaxing color, capable of communicating a sense of calm and tranquility.

It can be used in the living area, but also in the kitchen or bedroom. Maybe on a single wall, to give movement and liveliness without weighing down the environment. The advice then is not to exaggerate with the furniture, and to risk sharp contrasts of color, using gold or brass, for example.


That 2020 is the year of blue is also confirmed by the choice of the PPG group, which is also committed annually to the choice of a trendy pantone. They opted for another shade of blue, this time more nuanced towards blue.

It is Chinese Porcelain (pantone PPG1160-6): a strong color, suitable to accompany both bright colors and warmer and more natural shades as well as different living styles, from the most contemporary to the traditional ones.

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Can you imagine walls and furnishings of the color of the sky inside these houses for sale in Varese in the foreground?


Light blue, in all its forms, is also an absolutely trendy color. For your Varese province properties, you can indulge yourself with a wide range of colors, ranging from light blue to light blue. Once you have chosen the shade, however, you have to be good at combining it with the other colors of the house.

Among the advice of the experts, combinations with yellow stand out, perhaps between a light blue and a bright lemon yellow, for a breath of vivacity, or a darker blue side by side with a mustard yellow, for a result of great elegance, but also the white (for a classic marine style) or orange, which is its complementary color.

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