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The house changes its look

Here's how to renovate your home with 7 simple steps

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us it is the importance of the home as a living space.

The need to spend much more time inside one's home has led to rediscovering the value of the place where we live and of elements that were previously unjustly underestimated.

From the subdivision of the rooms to the choice of colors or scents, there are several factors that can positively affect our mood and the way we face our days. There are several theories such as feng shui or neuroarchitecture that offer many ideas to give new life to domestic spaces, even without spending a fortune.

Let's find out how to renovate your home in 7 simple steps, with the advice of your Engel & Voelkers Varese agency.

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Compared to artificial light, natural light has numerous beneficial effects on the body and beyond. Science shows, in fact, how it helps to improve mood, creativity and productivity, as it is able to rebalance the hormonal system, stimulate the production of vitamin D, melatonin and serotonin.

For this reason, one of the best tips for renovating your home is to take advantage of natural light, maximizing exposure. Especially if you work from home, the suggestion is to place the desk next to the window and keep the curtains open throughout the day. If the environment is too dark, it is better to add reflective surfaces such as mirrors or lamps with chrome plating in order to amplify the light.


In an era where smart working is the order of the day, one of the ways to make the most of the domestic space is to distribute the available square meters in a correct and intelligent way.

This is especially valid for those who live in a single environment or in small sizes, where the correct distribution of the environments becomes of vital importance. How to best organize your home? Simply divide the available space into compartments, i.e., areas dedicated to specific activities such as those dedicated to work, relaxation, training and so on.

To do this, go ahead with curtains, bookcases, partitions and booths.

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When you ask the experts for advice on how to renovate your home at no cost, everyone agrees that one of the best ways is to tidy up. As trivial as it may seem, having a tidy home (as well as a workstation) helps to create harmony in the environment, reduce stress levels and improve productivity.

For this reason, it is good to keep your home in order, clearing and getting rid of all that is superfluous and that could be a distraction or source of stress. All this without considering that your home will certainly benefit from it also in aesthetic terms, taking on a completely different aspect.

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Numerous researches show that colors can influence mood, decisions and attitudes. One of the ways to renovate your home in a simple way is to add a touch of color, choosing the one that suits the desired goal.

But which color to choose? Green is synonymous with balance and harmony, has reassuring and relaxing power and is suitable for areas dedicated to rest and relaxation; yellow is associated with optimism, energy and emotional strength and is suitable for spaces dedicated to creativity; red stimulates energy, excitement and is suitable for places where it is important to stimulate attention and concentration. From walls to furnishings, passing to furnishing accessories such as curtains, cushions and ornaments, you can achieve the desired effect in a few simple steps.

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Now more than ever, addiction to digital devices and the web is an increasingly widespread phenomenon. In this case, the advice to better enjoy the spaces of the home is to prepare a healthier and more controlled level of involvement with PCs, smartphones and tablets, organizing the domestic spaces for a digital detox.

For example, it will be enough to establish a time when any type of digital screen is banned or to avoid introducing technological devices in the sleeping area, favoring a progressive detoxification and stimulating a good rest.


One of the secrets to a cheerful and full of life home? Never miss plants and flowers that have the indisputable power to make the home more beautiful, lively and lively. But that is not all. Furnishing with greenery is a choice that also positively affects mood, productivity and the body, helping to purify the air and improve the pleasantness of the internal temperature.

Interior designers' advice on how to renovate your home? A living wall, that is a vertical wall covered with plants capable of giving a unique touch to the environment.

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Just like colors, scents are also able to energize the home environment and can determine feelings and moods. Following the principles of aromatherapy, it is possible to enrich any environment, selecting fragrances in a targeted way, placing candles, diffusers, perfumers and, why not, natural flowers in strategic points. For example, incense is preferred for meditation and concentration, while lavender and rose to relax, or rosemary, eucalyptus or sandalwood as energizers.

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