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Varese houses for sale: how long does it take?

This is the question that always asks those who intend to put a real estate property on the market. How long does it take for an agency to sell? And for a private individual?

How long does it take to sell a house? This is the question that anyone who plans to sell real estate asks himself. But above all he asks himself: is it better to do this by relying on an agency or to sell independently as a private individual? What is the quickest and most effective solution?

It is good to clear away any misunderstandings immediately: the correct answer to these questions does not exist. Each sale has its own personal and unique story. However, there are some elements that can be useful for dealing with Varese home sales, or for not making blunders. Having a rough timing in mind can also be useful to understand if you need to change something in the proposal or not.

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It is impossible to predict the exact timing of a sale, because there are many factors involved: the time of the market, the area, the type of property, its conditions and, of course, the proposed price. What can be done is to identify borderline situations, and set a time frame in which it is plausible that the sale will end successfully.

Considering the technical times of a sale, it is difficult to sell a house in Varese in less than 30/60 days. But this applies to any square. From the idea of ​​selling to the deed of sale, different phases are involved, from visits to the property to the recovery of the necessary documentation, to the notary's appraisals, to the stipulation of any mortgages.

In short, if the sale of your home in Varese is concluded with satisfaction in this period of time, it means that everything went smoothly without the slightest hitch or unexpected.

Conversely, when it goes too long there is something to change in the sales proposal.

When is it okay to start worrying? Again there are no unique answers. It certainly depends on the expectations and needs of the seller. However, if several months pass, even reaching a year, without anything materializing, it is good to take action. Also in this case the variables are many. For example, it is necessary to distinguish between a property that is not sold because an initiated negotiation fails, and one that does not receive visits or purchase proposals. In the first case, the foundations of the sale are good and you get stuck in the definition phase, in the second case the setting must be revised.

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Considering the average times and the limit cases, the question is legitimate: how long does it take to sell a house as a private individual? It is possible that the average times are longer if you have to think about everything as a private citizen. If only because the procedures are many and take time.

Cadastral survey, floor plan, energy certification, certificate of viability. These are just some of the documents required for the sale. Then there is the management of visits, promotion. In addition, if the house for sale is a co-ownership, you must make sure that all the co-owners are present at the deed of sale, or have delegated with a special power of attorney. In short, small and large commitments that if managed independently can become very expensive in terms of time.

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Relying on professionals in the sector has undoubted advantages, both as regards the optimization of bureaucratic times, and for the agency's ability to interpret the characteristics of each individual sale in order to optimize times and maximum efficiency.

Just think about how important the property estimate is for the success of the sale. In fact, if the estimate is not correct, the times could be considerably longer.

The professionalism and experience of Engel & Völkers is a guarantee for those who want to sell a house in Varese. Alongside our customers there is not only a solid intermediary, but also a real estate agency ready to offer the solution that suits your needs.

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