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5 ideas for decorating the bathroom

Small or large, rich in colors or minimal, to each his own: here are our bathroom furniture ideas

When you buy a new home, the bathroom is one of the first rooms you usually put your hand to. Even those who have chosen one of our luxury homes for sale in Venice often want to give their own personal imprint to this room, even if only by adding a piece of furniture or some piece of furniture.

Whether you are trying to figure out how to beautify a small bathroom or you are looking for advice for a modern bathroom furniture, there are some tricks and precautions to keep in mind. We interviewed our experts from the Engel & Völkers agency in Venice to collect the best 5 ideas for decorating the bathroom. Here they are.


If until recently the “big tiles” reigned in bathrooms, today smaller shapes are back in fashion. Squares, rectangles but also hexagons that are perfect for recreating a vintage style that is well suited to luxury apartments in Venice. One caveat: you need to find the right compromise without exaggerating with shapes and colors, but without even being monochrome.

So we can, for example, change the profile between walls and floor or use tiles of different shapes to better delineate some areas, such as the shower. A similar effect can also be had by changing color. Be careful, though: Harlequin's dress is always lurking and, especially for an elegant house in Venice, it is not necessarily the right dress.


The luck of having a luxury apartment in Venice is also that of being able to count on splendid natural lighting and, even more important when it comes to bathrooms, of high vaults. So we can focus on a beautiful suspension chandelier combined with spotlights to illuminate some areas such as the shower. Then a lot depends on the size of the room: if there is space we can combine different types of lighting with multiple points for ceiling lights and spotlights, if instead the square footage is small, the classic coupled chandelier and lights around the mirror will suffice.

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Today it is back in fashion and fits perfectly into that vintage and elegant atmosphere that is breathed in many luxury apartments for sale in Venice

Having a single piece capable of occupying the center of the room or an entire wall implies that it is designed and built with high quality materials. It is better to favor the soft and sinuous lines that are well suited to special, transparent marbles and resins, which almost seem to evoke amber.

Ideal, for the pleasant contrast, even in a modern bathroom furniture.


Characteristics of luxury property: the first thing that comes to mind is the sense of well-being, which one should breathe in every corner. It can be that of the open spaces and sun-drenched terraces that distinguish many of the apartments for sale in Venice, but also the convenience that an intelligent use of technology can give us. This is why among the ideas for furnishing the bathroom you cannot miss emotional showers, automatic LED lighting (there are also special ones for the bathtub bathroom) or the always connected smart mirror, but there are also more practical elements such as the hydrobrush also ideal from a hygienic point of view.


Among the ideas for furnishing the bathroom, the materials that immediately bring us back to the elements of nature are a real evergreen. So wood, in the furniture with perhaps a ceramic bowl resting on it, but also in the floors. In the latter case, we recommend the ceramics that reproduce the parquet and that can create pleasant contrasts with more classic and vintage-style tiles. And then again the plants, which enliven the corners but can even rest on the walls, creating real green waterfalls.

And speaking of waterfalls, what is more exciting than taking a shower leaning against a wall that resembles stone?

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