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Aperitif on the terrace: how to bring luxury to the table

The apartment in Venice with terrace can become the perfect meeting place for our evenings. Here are the tips to make the aperitif unique

The perfect scenario for a dream aperitif? Simple, the terrace. Better still if it overlooks the Venice Lagoon, the canals that color the sunset. The breathtaking view alone cannot transform your aperitif into a sure success. There are several precautions that need to be taken care of: furnish the apartment in Venice with a terrace to best welcome your guests, choose the right wine, music, satisfy the palates of those who came to visit you.

For those who have already bought a house in Venice and want to inaugurate it with a sumptuous aperitif on the terrace or for those who plan to do it as soon as possible, here are some tips not to be missed.


The aperitif is a moment of relaxation. It will take all your effort to better furnish your apartment in Venice with a terrace, and make guests feel at ease. Sofas, cushions, fabrics must be chosen to communicate a feeling of relaxation but, at the same time, to furnish the exterior - terrace or large balcony where the aperitif takes place - and the interior. Categorical imperative: introduce some details that make them unique. Choose a style (classic, natural, wilde, sophisticated) or a theme and underline it thanks to the materials and colors. You will see that blockbuster, at least for the eyes!

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The moment comes inexorably when the natural lights of the sunset, which have made the terrace of your central Venice apartment romantic and unique, are going out. Thus comes the time to turn on the artificial ones. The art of lightning that designs the environments with the play of lights, shadows and reflections, changes the face of our terrace. In this sense, the advice of a professional Lighting Designer can change the face of our evenings.


It should never be taken for granted. Sure, Champagne always impresses, but which one? We focus on small vignerons and let's not forget the Italian Classic Methods. A great Trentodoc, a carefully chosen Franciacorta can make the difference.


To make the aperitif in your Venice apartment with terrace even more special, plan a pre dinner cocktail. The latter will become the signature drink of the landlord who puts himself directly into play to cheer the guests. From Gin Tonic to Moscow Mule, the important thing is to leave your mark by focusing on increasingly sophisticated ingredients.


It is essential to always inquire in advance of the tastes and, above all, of any allergies and intolerances of the guests. The class is managing not to make anyone feel uncomfortable, offering equally sophisticated alternatives. Furthermore, the menu must always offer suitable formats and condiments: a pasta with a sauce, which risks staining clothes or teeth, could embarrass our guests and would not be the right choice.


A fruit salad of fresh fruit, vegetables from small producers, in uncommon varieties, even better if organic. In short, luxury today rhymes also with healty: our luxury home in Venice which usually becomes the open-air gym for our morning exercises, in the evening it can become the perfect place for a healthy buffet. Offering tomatoes with denominations of different origins can be as elegant as bringing a Patanegra to the table.

Date uno sguardo ai nostri migliori appartamenti a Venezia con terrazza


Who ever said to give it up? If it is true that it is chic to focus on the vegan menu, let's not neglect the great classics. Provided not to focus exclusively on the name, but to search for a characteristic, a story that can be told to our guests.


A classy aperitif cannot be separated from an adequate cutlery provided to guests, such as forks in design. The service must also be dedicated: single-serving bowls, backsplashes, trays. The aperitif set must be beautiful, complete but at the same time must offer easy handling and safety of the grip.

Given how many small tricks are needed to make the aperitif a great success? Starting with the choice of your home in Venice where a large terrace where you can organize fun gatherings with friends and relatives will not be missing.

Does the idea appeal to you? Engel & Völkers is one of the Venice real estate agencies that can help you find the right solution for your needs. With terrace or terrace, it doesn't matter. Come and visit us, we will know what to offer you.

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