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Getting married in Venice, between new and old celebrities

When it comes to weddings in Venice, it is impossible not to think back to the George-Amal couple. But history brings us back to much more well-known and fascinating couples who have crossed the waters of the Grand Canal to pronounce the fateful yes.

Also this year Venice is confirmed as the ideal place to go on vacation, to buy luxury homes and even to get married. The last (famous) weddings staged in the Lagoon confirm this.

On October 16 it was the turn of Alexandre Arnault and Géraldine Guyot who, for those who have never heard of them (but we very much doubt), are 2 extremely well-known personalities in the fashion world. The former, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co, is the son of none other than the owner of the luxury group LVMH, who has recently entered the list of the richest men on the planet. The new bride, on the other hand, founded the French accessories brand D’Estrëe.

The long-awaited yes of the spouses was pronounced in the Jesuit Church, in Cannaregio, attracting international guests such as Beyonce and Pharrell Williams. Just to name a few.

But getting married in Venice seems to have been the secret dream of another "real" couple as well. Crossing the nave of the beautiful church of San Pantalon and promising eternal love were Vera Arrivabene, daughter of Princess Bianca of Savoy Aosta and Count Gilberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga and her fiancé Briano Martinoni Caleppio.

- vera-arrivabene-matrimonio.jpg

A weekend full of celebrities on the streets of the Serenissima that once again fulfilled the dreams of young couples in love. Will the next ones aim for the purchase of houses for sale in the historic center of Venice ? It is probable. After all, how can you remain indifferent in front of so much beauty, between streets and canals that exude art and history?

After the pandemic, the iconic city on water has become the scene of the cultural and worldly restart of Italy, for this reason many couples, more or less known, have decided to get married in Venice to fulfill their dream of love. Here are the couples of recent years that have remained in our hearts.


It was back in 1997. Woody Allen and Soon Yi returned to Venice to stroll through the streets, browse the shop windows, stroll hand in hand in Piazza San Marco. But also for another, important reason: getting married in Venice.

“This is a romantic city, in which I have shot many love scenes, and which is full of meaning for us. We have had many wonderful experiences here, "declared the actor and director after the wedding.

Years have passed since that day. The happy couple could come back to choose one of the apartments for sale in Venice to spend old age. We, at least, hope so.

- matrimonio woody allen.jpg


Another noteworthy wedding in Venice was celebrated in 2004, between Sabrina Benetton, daughter of Gilberto Benetton, and Ermanno Boffa. 
Beautiful, smiling and immortalized against a backdrop of Venice that the whole world envies us.

- _matrimonio-benetton.jpg


Salma Hayek understood immediately that the French billionaire Francois-Henri-Pinault was the man of her life. This union had to be sanctioned in a dream location ... or rather two, so that it was clear to the world.

This is how the wedding was celebrated in Paris on February 14, 2009, and then the promises were reformulated on April 25 of the same year before God and the most romantic eternal city in the world.

- matrimonio-hayek.jpg


Impossible to forget the smiling faces of the 2 newlyweds, George and Amal, on the day of their unforgettable wedding in Venice. A great party, which lasted 4 days, which managed to attract celebrities and actors from all over the world.

It was thought that Clooney would forever remain the golden bachelor par excellence, but on 27 September 2014, the beautiful Amal managed to make him say yes. Clooney's proud smile remains of that day as he happily set out for his future bride, the parade of motorboats and boats along the Grand Canal with VIPs and paparazzi on board and, of course, the splendor of a festive city.

Today George and Amal live their love story between the residence of Villa Oleandra, on Lake Como, their property in the English countryside and the house in the Village, in New York. But who knows that one day they will return to the lagoon to buy one of the beautiful luxury homes for sale in Venice.

- matrimonio-clooney.jpg


Getting married in Venice is not only the dream of celebrities and royalty, but also of famous sports champions such as Ana Ivanovic, Serbian tennis player, and Bastian Schweinsteiger, German footballer, who arrived in the Serenissima on 12 July 2017.

That day the Misericordia Abbey, in the Cannaregio district, was packed with people, fans, photographers to admire the young couple ... but also to browse the beautiful dress of the tennis player who managed to catch the eye and arouse so much admiration.

- matrimonio-ivanovic.jpg
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