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The charm of the minimal kitchen still conquers

Order, linearity and functionality are the keywords to furnish a kitchen in a minimal and modern style

Living in the near future? Definitely minimal and no frills. Even when it comes to deciding how to furnish the kitchen, simplicity proves to be the winning choice. Especially after the recent lockdown, the Italians (and others) have rediscovered the pleasure of living in a fundamental environment such as the living area, where practicality, functionality and comfort become key elements. Despite what the name may suggest, the minimal design offers infinite interpretations and possibilities to furnish the kitchen of your home with style, especially for those who have the privilege of buying one of the wonderful luxury apartments for sale in Venice . If you are one of the lucky ones, take note of the tips for furnishing the kitchen in a minimal style  according to the experts of your Engel & Volkers Venice agency.

Minimal kitchen furniture: why choose it?

Contrary to what one might think, furnishing the kitchen or any other home environment in a minimal style is by no means a choice made of sacrifices or privations. The minimalist design stems from a current that spread in the 1960s and is made up of choices that favor the simplicity of the furnishing elements and the linearity of the shapes, all to the advantage of the possibility of highlighting individual furniture and accessories, giving them the right visibility. In particular, when it comes to how to furnish the kitchen or other distinctly functional areas of the home such as the bathroom or the living area, the minimal style is perfect for setting up with a view to essentiality and practicality. How is it characterized? Elements with simple, clean lines, with solid colors, mostly clear and bright. In short, the best way to bring out the enchanting setting of the kitchen of an apartment overlooking the lagoon in Venice.

Furnishing the kitchen in a minimal style: the main aspects

The kitchen is the room in the house that is usually the most experienced and busiest, the heart of domestic life and family activities. Even when there are few square meters available, the minimal style proves to be a winner for its ability to prioritize ease of movement and movement within the environment, eliminating all that is superfluous and repetitive. Whether it's furnishing a small kitchen or a spacious open-space living room kitchen, the watchword is functionality. Green light therefore to corner kitchens and to elements able to exploit all the available spaces by developing in height and without unnecessary waste, but also to large work surfaces that offer the possibility to better enjoy the environment, without sacrifices and to the advantage of practicality. The winning idea for your wonderful apartment in the historic center of Venice? An indispensable island kitchen with modern stools for breakfast or informal dinners, as well as to give you all the pleasure of a comfortable and well-designed space.

Ideas for decorating the kitchen in a minimal style

Would anyone ever dare to define a design piece as trivial as an LC2 Le Corbusier armchair or a Toy chair by Philippe Starck for Driade? Where simple is by no means synonymous with dull or anonymous, minimal style can be an inexhaustible source of ideas for the home, all in the name of modernity and refinement. So how to furnish the minimal kitchen without being banal or obvious? Here are some tips to make no mistake:

quality first : simple yes, but of quality. The choice of materials is always rewarding, especially when it comes to furnishing a small eat-in kitchen with little space available. As always, better a few elements well inserted and designed, practical and functional, but of fine workmanship and destined to last over time.

everything in order : in a lived and dynamic environment like the kitchen, the risk of chaos is always lurking. What cannot be missing in a kitchen furnished in a minimal style is the furniture that allows you to reduce the visual impact of dishes, crockery, pots and appliances, to the advantage of order and harmony. The advice is to choose kitchen cabinets with retractable doors and well-organized and divided drawers, avoiding exposed wall units and shelving.

design that makes the difference : with minimalist furniture, you can play with volumes and colors, leaving room for one or a few sophisticated design elements that allow you to interrupt the apparent monotony and simplicity of the surroundings. Color contrasts for chairs and furnishing accessories are welcome, as well as the inclusion of design details to embellish the environment.

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