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The charm of Venice is a comic book

From Corto Maltese to Dylan Dog, the great comics strolling through the streets and luxury houses of Venice.

The protagonists of the best Italian comics dwell in the shadow of San Marco: fans of this comics art have one more reason to desire one of our luxury homes in Venice.

The first character that makes us fly through the waterways of this city is certainly Corto Maltese, born from the pencil of Hugo Pratt who had spent his childhood in the Lagoon and had never forgotten it. In his adventures, in particular 'Corte Sconta detta arcana' and 'Favola di Venezia', the symbolic places of the city, while concealed by fantasy names, are easily recognizable.

The 'Ponte della Nostalgia' is actually the Widmann Bridge near the Church of the Miracles, then the Court of the Maltese which can instead be identified with Corte Rotta in San Martino. Corte Sconta, which also gives its name to the famous book and which in the Venetian dialect means "hidden courtyard", is instead the Corte Botera, an ancient place with stairs and arches, where fireworks were once produced (the botteri) , which was imprinted in the memory of Pratt as a child.

- © https://cortomaltese.com

However, Corto Maltese is not the only illustrious citizen who has a home in the Lagoon. Still in the pen of a young Pratt and that of Alberto Ongaro and Mario Faustinelli, in fact, we owe another character who was also of Venetian origin: 'Asso di picche' (Ace of Spades). His stories, collected in a series of books published between 1945 and 1949, tell of a hero in yellow tights, very similar to the characters of American comics then in vogue, who juggled Venice and Germany, to fight in the service of good and justice. In the background the symbolic architecture and the most hidden and fascinating places of this city.

In other words, luxury homes in Venice. It seems that the Lagoon hides treasures and tales full of charm.

If you have never been to walk through the streets of the city or you have not yet visited our houses for sale in Venice with Engel & Völkers then what we are about to tell you will sound new to you: Venice is not just an extremely fascinating city but also full of mystery.

Hidden courtyards are hidden in the shade of large terraces, luxury homes in Venice alongside ancient taverns and among the masks of the Carnival are confused ladies, nobles and mysterious knights. All this could only attract the protagonist of the main Italian comic of the last decades: Dylan Dog.

The nightmare investigator designed by Tiziano Sclavi visits the city in two famous books: the 126 'La Morte Rossa'(red death), released in 1997, and the 184, I'I misteri di Venezia' (The mysteries of Venice) in 2002. In both, the city lives in the main sights such as the night views of Piazza San Marco or the Accademia bridge but also of less frequented (and very mysterious) locations such as the Casino degli Spiriti once home of the Ospedale della Misericordia where the plague victims were admitted and where legend still today wants to be heard strange moans.

- © https://www.sergiobonelli.it/

Venice is a place that feeds on dreams, says the Nightmare Investigator, and for this reason important pages of the history of art, literature and even comics have been written here, always surrounded by an atmosphere that is difficult to decipher. Among the characteristics of the houses for sale in Venice, therefore, cannot be omitted under the Mistery.

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