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"Engel & Völkers Luxembourg" - Interview with Arnaud Mansion - Real estate agent

Arnaud Mansion, Real Estate Agent, MC Luxembourg
Real Estate Agent for 6 months.
Working for Engel & Völkers for 6 months.

After a few years as a receptionist and executive driver in a Luxembourg trust, Arnaud Mansion decided to enter the real estate world. This transition came naturally as it allowed him to import his network in a field he was passionated about. After successfully obtaining his real estate agent diploma, he wanted to join the Engel & Völkers group in order to benefit from the strength and level of expertise of our brand, which has been present for over 40 years. His first interview with Jean Bollendorff (Team Leader Engel & Völkers Luxembourg) confirmed his interest in the group. From the beginning of this interview, Arnaud Mansion told us that he felt the human dimension and level of expertise of the Luxembourg team. It was definitely alongside Jean Bollendorff that Arnaud wanted to learn the profession of real estate agent, especially for the human values and high level of skills of the Team Leader of the Market Center of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

What makes you proud of working for Engel & Völkers?

The Engel & Völkers brand represents a guarantee of seriousness. Indeed, it has been present on the real estate market for more than 40 years, which gives it an exceptional level of expertise. Starting as a real estate agent at Engel & Völkers has allowed me to benefit from the reach of this group, both in Luxembourg and internationally.

In addition, Engel & Völkers is a brand that fits me perfectly because of its values. In my professional life, I promote competence and I always practice with passion. I am proud to work for a brand that has taught me to provide an exclusive service to each of my customers. Being a real estate agent at Engel & Völkers means offering a unique service experience to each person, since each individual with whom we work deserves it.

What makes you proud of working in Luxembourg?

First, Luxembourg is a buoyant market, which points to a promising development. Indeed, the Grand Duchy welcomes nearly 5000 newcomers per year for half of the available housing.

In addition, the country has high-quality real estate, both new and old.

Secondly, Luxembourg offers its inhabitants an exceptional quality of life, between city and nature. It is one of the only countries that allows you to live in the countryside while being about ten minutes from the centre of the capital. For me, Luxembourg is an ideal place for a peaceful family life.

Finally, I am delighted to work in a market that I consider to be ahead in many areas. Luxembourg has recently planned to make its public transport free for all. It is an attractive investment site for companies that have decided to relocate following Brexit. All these elements give the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg a privileged position for investors from all over the world.

What makes the real estate agent's job your dream job?

First, I chose this job for customer contact, which I consider to be a human contact above all. I am a dedicated person who likes to be of service and I think that's the basis of the real estate agent's job.

Secondly, I appreciate the fact that I am independent. I organize my own schedule while benefiting from the support of the Engel & Völkers brand. This world of functioning makes us very responsible.

In your opinion, what are the keys to success in your business?

Starting as a real estate agent requires a lot of perseverance and motivation. But the work is really paying off.

Then, it is necessary to know how to manage your emotions. A real estate agent must face moments of pressure, but also many reversals of situation.

Finally, it seems important to me to be attentive to the world around us. That is, to be informed about the trends in our market, to listen to our customers and to keep an open mind in order to constantly increase our network.

Can you tell us about a person you particularly admire?

My mentor is the CEO of my former company. I admire his courageous career. This man built his company alone, which is now a major firm in the field of services to international investors, while designing his values. I admire his business side with great human values. He is a charismatic person, a true leader with a lot of spirit. He guided me in my choices, helped me to develop and I believed in my project in the real estate world thanks to him.

What do you do with your free time?

I do a lot of sports. This allows me to relieve stress in the best way possible. In my opinion, it is the best remedy for the mind.

I really like to travel. I lived in Australia for a year and a half. This experience has brought me a lot from a social and cultural point of view. I have fond memories of it.

How do you see your life in 3 years?

Still at Engel & Völkers, having had many successful years. I see myself growing up, becoming an experienced agent. I hope to be able to train the newcomers to the Luxembourg team.

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