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Although in the real estate sector, spring seems to be the traditional selling season, today's real estate market is active all year round. Each season has its own advantages, and the challenge is to make the most of each one. And despite the gloomy weather, winter has its good points too. All you have to do is do a little research, raise the profile of your home and prepare a good sales pitch.

- vendre sa maison en hiver

Don't let the cold get you down

Homeowners often avoid selling in winter, preferring to wait until autumn and spring. After the holidays, autumn is a busy time, while spring is known as the peak selling season. Wherever you are in the world, in winter there are simply fewer properties being offered for sale, fewer people looking for a new home and fewer sales being concluded.

However, fewer property advertisements in winter means less competition. Estate agents will also be less busy, allowing them to concentrate more on your property. The value of your property will feel the benefit: 2017 US property market data shows that January and February are among the top five months of the year in terms of properties selling above their asking price. Winter buyers are serious and willing to pay more to find the property of their dreams.

Focus on the inside

When the weather is cold, the outside of your home will take a back seat. With flowers no longer adorning your windowsills, you'll need to attract the attention of potential buyers by demonstrating that your property is a sound investment. This means that your property must be in perfect condition, pleasantly heated, dry and comfortable from the moment visitors walk through the door.

Buyers will be looking for any structural defects, particularly in the roof, doors and windows. They'll also be looking at your heating system, so it's a good idea to have your boiler checked and any other maintenance work completed before you put your property up for sale. However, don't forget about luxury equipment altogether: just make sure you adapt it to the season. Underfloor heating, a hammam or any other heated area are other highlights for a winter sale.

Take advantage of seasonal features

Rather than keeping buyers away, the festive season can actually increase the appeal of your property. If you're near a Christmas market, for example, winter could well be your season to shine. Of course, buyers may not be aware that such an event is taking place near you. Simply tell your property advisor about seasonal events, as this could be an asset during viewings of your home.

When it comes to adding value to your property, avoid common mistakes such as using bright colours and over-customising. Instead, slightly accentuate your home's assets. A tastefully decorated Christmas tree can make a good impression, but multi-coloured lights will put off more than one buyer. Each decorative element should draw attention to the best features of your property and not distract from them. By highlighting the best qualities of your property, the sale price can increase by up to 20%. This underlines the importance of adding value.

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