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Dutch Oven, Pizza and Co – unusual BBQ ideas from sweet to savoury

Hobby barbecue enthusiasts will get their money's worth this year. Summer has been spoiling us with high temperatures for weeks, making for ideal barbecue weather. But there doesn't always have to be sausage or steak at the barbecue. We show you how to grill pizzas, stews or vegetarian dishes to add variety to your plate.

Pulled Pork, stews and more BBQ ideas from the Dutch Oven

You need:

  • a Dutch Oven

  • a large kettle grill or a fireplace

How it works:

A Dutch Oven or fire pot is a heavy, cast-iron pot that can withstand extremely high temperatures effortlessly. This makes it the ideal accessory if you want to prepare hearty stews on the grill. Such a pot is also perfect for preparing pulled pork, brisket and even bread. Due to its robustness you can put it in the embers without hesitation and cook your food long and evenly. Meat prepared in the Dutch Oven remains wonderfully tender and juicy in this way. If you also place coals on the lid, this ensures optimum all-round heat.

 Vilamoura / Algarve
- A different kind of barbecue: With unusual BBQ ideas, you will ensure amazed guests and unforgettable culinary delights.

Grilling pizza: Enjoyment like in the Trattoria

You need:

  • a pizza stone

  • a grill with lid

How it works: 

With a freshly baked pizza from the grill, you'll get a real Italian feeling at your next garden party. No wonder, after all, a grill reaches significantly higher temperatures than an oven, making the dough as crisp as from a stone oven. Preheat the pizza stone on the grill for 20 to 30 minutes before generously dusting it with flour and placing the raw pizza on top. The lid of the grill ensures that your pizza is also cooked from above. Thanks to the enormous heat, a pizza from the grill only takes a few minutes to bake.

Vegetarian barbecue with fruit and vegetables

You need:

  • a standard grill

  • culinary fantasy

How it works: 

Vegetarian barbecue is the trend – stuffed peppers, tomatoes or potatoes have been part of the standard repertoire of outdoor cuisine for years. But have you ever thought about putting your side salad on the grill? This is exactly what professionals swear by this year and recommend quartering the head of lettuce before the actual preparation and roasting it briefly from all sides. The resulting aromas give your side salad a very special, refined touch. After roasting, simply cut the salad into small pieces as usual and refine with your favourite dressing and any toppings. And of course, fruit should not be missing on the grill grid. Solid fruits such as pineapples, apples or pears are best because they do not become muddy as quickly. Simply grill the fruit briefly and serve with a light sauce of yoghurt, honey and roasted nuts.

Our tips show: it doesn't always have to be steak or sausage for the perfect barbecue experience. If you let your imagination run wild, you will quickly realize how versatile barbecuing can be. Just experiment, because anything that tastes good is allowed. Enjoy your meal!

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