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How bird nesting boxes can transform life at home

Outside spaces can make or break a dream property. However, creating a beautiful garden isn't just a matter of design and landscaping. It's also an excellent opportunity to welcome in some wildlife. Bird nesting boxes are a charming way of doing so. Here we take a closer look at how bird boxes can serve as a delicate yet nonetheless powerful finishing touch to your outside space.

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The many benefits of bird nesting boxes

The most obvious benefit of bird nesting boxes is for the creatures themselves. In stowing these homes in your trees and bushes, you'll create a small sanctuary where birds can bring up their young, providing a rare haven of safety away from feline predators.

However, you'll soon discover that bird boxes bring with them an undeniable benefit to the homeowner. They're also an effective means of encouraging colourful and sometimes rare species into your garden. Not only will your new visitors be a joy to watch, but they'll also bring ample birdsong into the vicinity of your property throughout the warmer seasons.

Exciting designs

While the traditional rectangular wooden bird nesting box may be effective, there's no shortage of creative designs out there waitng to brighten up your garden. There has also been a push for eco-friendly design processes in their construction. After all, the idea of a nesting box is fundamentally about helping the environment.

The key is finding a design that fits seamlessly into your outdoor space. Perhaps you're looking for something rustic and natural to help you landscape a garden around an existing collection of trees. More sparse gardens can benefit from a more contemporary design that could become an artistic focal point. Birds aren't afraid of a touch of colour, so feel free to get creative with the paint. However, do make sure to use a non-toxic substances when decorating your box.

Something unique

The wealth of designer bird nesting boxes out there may be enticing, but there's nothing quite like creating something truly unique. A homemade box will lend your garden a rustic feel, and can provide your family with an enjoyable means of interacting with the great outdoors.

A small amount of wood will form the basis for a bird box – ideally around 15mm in thickness. This will ensure it's sturdy, while also providing sufficient protection from the elements to make the habitat appealing to birds. Be sure to include drainage holes near the bottom, and avoid forming an external ledge – this will only serve potential predators. The entrance point should be about 32mm in diameter. This is just the right size to attract colourful garden birds, while keeping hunters at bay.

Bird nesting boxes are just one way in which you can bring an outdoor space to life. Transforming your external spaces is just one step towards gaining more enjoyment from your home. Equally, carrying out work on your garden easily makes your home more attractive on the market. Whatever your goal, visit our Engel & Völkers interior design blogs for more information on maximising your home's potential, both inside and out.

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