The most exclusive neighborhoods in Foz do Douro

                                                 About Foz do Douro

Belonging to the western area of ​​Oporto, it offers magnificent landscapes over the Douro River, terraces, bars and gardens. It is classified as a Municipal Natural Heritage by its Metamorphic Complex. It includes the areas of Pinhais da Foz, Foz and Foz Velha, which are worth visiting.

Main areas in Foz do Douro


It stands out for the beaches, restaurants and by the pleasant view of the sea. Thus, on beaches such as Praia da Luz, you can rest by the sea, enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

Under these conditions, you are likely to have an appetite for visiting Casa Vasco, Portarossa Restaurant or Bonaparte Foz Pub. The first is a typically tapas restaurant belonging to the Caffeine group. Portarossa recreates a typical Italian space. At the Bonaparte Foz Pub, the food is very tasty and the atmosphere cozy.

Pinhais da Foz/ Afonso Baldaia

In this area is a prestigious private university, the Portuguese Catholic University. It has its headquarters in Lisbon and campus in Braga, Oporto and Viseu. 

Near the university, on Rua de Diu, you can have lunch or shop at the Foz Market, which is open from 7am to 7pm. However, these are other solutions to have a nice meal like Baixa Burgerm, where you can taste the famous burgers of chef Nuno Inverneiro. 

In addition to education and food, the areas of entertainment, sport and leisure are also important and enhanced in this area by PortoLazer. It was created in October 2006 and belongs to the Porto City Council.

Foz Velha/ Passeio Alegre

The area of Passeio Alegre is classified as a Property of Public Interest. Here you can find a garden (Passeio Alegre Garden) and various monuments and heritage listed inside. 

Another monument you can visit is the Castle of Foz. 

If you need a break while visiting these places, there are several restaurants and coffees available: Oporto Café, featuring traditional Portuguese meals; Go Natural, with healthy and organic products; the Pedro Lemos restaurant, renowed with a Michelin star; The Pasto da Palmeira House, with various snacks and the Ham Museum, where meat is a specialty.  

Foz do Douro Map

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Some indicators of Foz do Douro​

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Properties in Foz do Douro

Foz Velha and Passeio Alegre

Pinhais da Foz and Afonso Baldaia

Foz and Av. Brasil

Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa

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