The most exclusive neighborhoods in Ramalde

About Ramalde

Over the years new richer and more modern residential areas have emerged on Boavista Avenue, Pinheiro Manso, Bessa, Boavista Residential Zone (Foco) and Pedro Hispano.

Main areas in Ramalde

Boavista Avenue

It is the largest avenue in the city, so we don't want you to get lost. 

In this avenue is one of the icons of Oporto that always deserves a visit, the Music House. It has constant concerts of different musical genres, as well as a sophisticated restaurant at the top and a coffee on the ground floor. 

For the realization of educational and cultural activities also the Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda Foundation is an option. 

After these activities, you can not miss the traditional recipes of Arcadia-Boavista. Known for chocolates, cat tongues and dragee, it assumes itself as a craft confectionery factory. 

Pinheiro Manso

In Pinheiro Manso you can finde the Ramalde House, a national monument that is currently in the Directorate of Cultural Goods Services.

It also has a Pereira de Melo Secondary School, Clara de Resende and the Rosary College, ideal for children as part of their studies.

The restoration area contains Cufra, which is characterized by the tradition inherent in the passing of generations who frequent the restaurant.

Foco / Bessa

This zone demonstrates how it is possible for a region to contain a wide variety of spaces dedicated to different purposes.

If you are not a Catholic, you should not give up going to the Focus church, as you will surely be enchanted by the modern religious architecture it reflects. Then you can eat the well-known English roast beef or traditional French roast beef from Oporto at Clube 21 Foco, which features a classic British style. If you prefer Mediterranean cuisine, where sushi is a specialty, Medit Restaurant is a good choice. You may also prefer Casa do Bu, a restaurant and bakery. 

If you are looking for culture, art and education, you should go to the Eng. António de Almeida Foundation. On the other hand, if you are a football lover you can watch a match in the tenth largest stadium in Portugal, Estádio do Bessa. It opened in 1972 and has about 30 000 seats. 

Pedro Hispano

The fantastic hotels are an attraction for dozens of people seking relaxation, leisure and comfort. Specifically, Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa has an ideal spa for relaxation, a restaurant with a glass cellar and a mainly Portuguese menu. Crowne Plaza Porto reflects pure luxury and comfort. Both are close to major points of interest in the city of Oporto, such as the Music  House and the Botanical Garden. 

Ramalde Map

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Some indicators of Ramalde

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Properties in Ramalde

Boavista Avenue

Pinheiro Manso

Foco and Bessa

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