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Experience the joys of autumn in your own garden

What started out as a basic attitude towards life has in recent years established itself as an increasingly popular trend on how to make the most of your outdoor area: Namely, to use it as an extension of the living area. The idea is to extend the cosiness and comfort we appreciate indoors to the outdoors. Comfort is king, and while a rustic, somewhat weathered wooden chair certainly has its charms, it is more of a shabby chic decoration than a place to sit. The desired atmosphere could best be described as that of an “open-air living room”.

This increased use of the outdoor area, which has become a cherished retreat especially in times of limited mobility, once again illustrates the importance of recreation and work-life balance. And this does not diminish in the course of the seasons. The end of summer is already approaching in leaps and bounds, and we will soon be missing the warm summer evenings in the lounge area of the garden accompanied by a good glass of wine. But autumn with its wonderful play of colours also offers unexpected possibilities and with the right accessories you can continue to enjoy quality time outdoors.

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- Descubra en la nueva entrada del blog cómo disfrutar al máximo de las tardes más frescas de otoño en su jardín.

Designing the garden as a living space

Before the first night frosts make it really uncomfortable outdoors, September and October can still be a really enjoyable time for using the garden and outdoor seating areas. To bring the overall ambience in tune with the flow of nature, we recommend swapping the summery, colourful and often contrasting choice of upholstery and accessories for softer, merging earth tones. Why not try the "back-to nature" autumn trend by letting the plants in the garden set the tone for the outdoor area. And this in the truest sense, because no one does colour quite like Mother Nature. So set the stage for Her and savour Her autumnal display. 

As children, we were told that there was no such thing as bad weather, that it was all just a matter of wearing the right clothes. Even though it mostly concerned the unloved South Wester, this mindset opens up new possibilities and leads to a more holistic experience of your garden paradise. Because even though it might get a little chilly in the evenings, with the right set-up and preparation, you can still have nice get-togethers with friends or family and enjoy plenty of relaxation. Autumn is also ideal for spending cosy hours outdoors with a good book. But what does it take to enjoy it to the full in your own garden?

Autumn outdoor trends

Surrounding yourself with pleasant colours is a good start, but to feel really comfortable outside in autumn, you need one thing above all: warmth. Cosy plaids or natural woollen blankets are very much in vogue and should be available for all of the seating. Whether simply draped over the knees or completely snuggled in, this will boost your sense of well-being.

A campfire has always been the epitome of romance and experiencing nature. Our tip for the home garden is the equally appealing option of a fire pit or stylish fire bowl. Once prepared and equipped with a supply of suitable logs, which you can stack and store in a most decorative way, nothing stands in the way of deep relaxation in the crackling glow of the fire.

Covered seating and lounge areas are particularly pleasant in autumn and offer a high degree of independence from the weather. The protection they offer keeps some of the moisture and cooler air out, which of course promotes a feel-good atmosphere. Depending on the materials used, they can be made completely waterproof, so that even a small autumnal shower will be no reason to flee. 

In addition to a crackling fire, one of the main factors contributing to the ambience is, of course, the lighting. You can either opt for cosy warm white fairy lights in the trees or the more exclusive solar-powered flowerbed lighting to suit your overall concept. Distinctive lanterns and plenty of candles in different sizes are classic must-haves for creating a cosy atmosphere in summer and at any other time of year.  

We have one more trendy autumn tip for you: As we know, cold rises up from the ground, so if you beautify your seating area with weather-resistant outdoor carpets, your feet will no longer get cold. This way, you too will be able to extend the luxury of experiencing nature outdoors in your garden well beyond the summer! 

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