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Prime farm on Vaal River - For Sale

Prime farm on Vaal River 

An excellent buy for the serious farmer

​495.4452 Ha farm on the Vaal River with 22 Ha water rights from the Vaal River and a +/- 1.4km river front.

The 22 Ha irrigation fields has 2 irrigation pumps (30kW and 37kW respectively) with ESKOM electricity, 1 fitted borehole and underground main pipe lines.

- Registered water usage: 109,200m3/ year
- Borehole delivery: ±25m3 /hour

Soil data available from extensive soil tests - resulting in excellent cost savings.

The farming model used results in above average production figures - making this the ideal farming business.

Guest House and wedding venue

Storage facilities


Anievaal Boerdery, Plaas Limerick

GPS: 26° 56' 28.7" S 27° 04' 21.9" E

Contact Craig 083 255 3420 for a viewing.

(Viewing by appointment only)

- Prime farm on Vaal River - Auction 22 August 2018
- Prime farm on Vaal River - Auction 22 August 2018

Currently there are ± 4ha established lucerne fields

Complete mapping with regard to soil physics and soil chemistry has already been done for pecan nut orchard development. There is enough water for 22.58ha of pecan nut trees (580L / tree / day for peak in December).

218ha non-irrigated dry-land fields.


Animal water troughs are fed with 50∅ underground pipelines and are placed strategically to fit into a high density grazing system (managed with mobile electric fences).

Two windmills with reservoirs supply water to the animal water troughs.

All the fences between pastures and fields are in good condition, as well as the fences bordering the farm.

Pasture next to river has fence with 11 wires for goat keeping.

5.45ha comprising of the house, sheds, etc.

Part of this area is used to make 3000 ton of compost annually. This area and infrastructure are such that immediate continuation of the composting
operation is possible.

Soil types on the farm are mainly Avalons and Huttons.

Main yard

•House (250sqm) consists of living- and dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
kitchen, scullery, pantry, and laundry room / garage. Neat garden with water
reservoir, irrigation and electrical fencing.

•Warehouse / cooling facilities / hall (400m) consists of a walk-in cooling room (± 5m x 6m), storage room, hall with kitchen and 3 toilets with basins. The hallis used for entertainment, etc. The warehouse can also be part of the hall.

•Workshop / tractor shed (468sqm). There is a workshop with a drive throughsection for tractors / implements, as well as a pit. The tractor shed is suitable for tractors, vehicles, etc. and is conveniently close to home.

•Implement shed (600sqm). This shed has a roof and is open on the sides. It issuitable for storing implements, trailers, equipment, fertilisers, etc.


Detached garage (41sqm)
Storerooms (66 sqm) for vehicles, etc.

These buildings have a designated poison room, a room for animal licks and livestock related equipment as well as another room used as a storage space.

•19,000L diesel tanks with pump.

•Sheep kraal and sheep handling facilities.

•Loading bay for loading implements.

All the above-mentioned buildings / facilities are electrically fenced off and are fitted with a ESKOM electricity supply point. Water is supplied through 2 equipped boreholes.

The house, hall, workshop, tractor store and detached garage all have a fully installed alarm system.

Off the main yard

•Guest house on river bank (95 sqm). It consists of a large open plan kitchen /living area, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and storeroom. Outside, there is a large stoep (54 sqm) with built-in braai, a wooden deck with swimming pool (52 sqm) and an outside shower. There are neat terraces all down the river bank. The irrigation pump’s electricity point provides electricity to the house, while a borehole provides water. The house is run as a guesthouse and is listed on a number of accommodation websites. The guesthouse has a fully installed alarm system.

•Cattle handling facility with water trough and kraal.

•Feed shed (174 sqm) mainly used for feed storage and feed mixing. The feed shed is next door to the cattle handling facility.

•Eucalyptus plantation, used for weddings, photoshoots, etc.

•Thirteen houses farm workers (792 sqm), each with electricity, water and solar geysers, as well as 2 halls (126 sqm) with electricity and water. These houses have a separate ESKOM electricity supply point and is neatly fenced off.


Soil data

Each field’s soil data are updated annually. It is based on samples taken every 2 hectares, and the resultant figures show nutrient availability for the every field. (The nutrient availability has also been tested on the pastures: the animals’ mineral lick calculations are based on this accurate information, saving a lot in lick expenditure.) For the last two years’s we also test for plant available N, P and K on every field. Our precision fertilisation management is based on these figures. In the first year (the previous season) this fertilisation practice brought about savings of ± R600 per hectare.

GIS maps

•Detailed chemical maps of each field and pasture (based on samples taken every 1 hectare) are available. Each field has twice before (in the past 5 years) been spread with lime according to the certain year's chemical maps: specifically to correct calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) levels. Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) levels are also balanced accordingly.

•Highly detailed maps have recently been obtained using the latest technology on the finest scale possible. We can now, at any given point in any field, get information on soil depth, water infiltration capacity, total exchange capacity, topography, etc. The data provided by these maps were further processed according to geophysical / soil science models to provide maps of ideal plant population and fertiliser needs at each point in the field. Everything is thus as such that a transition to using precision planting equipment can be immediate.

•NDVI (“normalised difference vegetation index”) maps are provided via a paid subscription to a precision information system. The NDVI maps are used to provide fairly accurate expected yield estimates throughout the season. This is of tremendous value when making marketing decisions during the season.

Other data

•Rainfall data for the farm is available from 1988.

•Yield data is available from 1996.

Contact Craig 083 255 3420 for a viewing.

(Viewing by appointment only) 

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