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Smart Homes: The future is NOW

Technology is undeniably evolving at a rapid pace and has influenced our daily lives greatly, making activities so much easier with the internet in your pocket and being able to call for transport with the touch of a button. It is estimated to have even more of a significant impact on our lives in the next few years.

“Due to the demand for saving time, people are opting for virtual offices with the use of technology, or changing working hours to save on travel time and to up productivity. “We have seen a clear incline in buyers including the requirement for additional space for a home office or an additional room which can be converted into office space”, says Craig Hutchison, CEO of Engel& Völkers Southern Africa.

The markets have been influenced by this trend in such a big way, that the infrastructure of the suburb of choice plays a big factor when deciding where you are to call home. Areas where Optic Fiber is already available, have seen an increase in property values. This also plays a vital role in the value of your property when looking to sell at a later stage.

Most people have a natural fear of change and tend to be sceptical of new trends, especially considering the innovative technology we need to learn and keep up with regularly. However, once we embrace it and actually see how we benefit from these concepts, we move forward wondering how we ever got on without them. The next big change which it will bring, and has already in some cases, is ‘Smart Homes’. Although we have all heard the term, it is still fairly a new concept in SA homes with only a few having fully implemented its features and benefits.

“Buyers are seeking homes with built-in cost-saving features and they are prepared to pay a premium, knowing that their new home is equipped with modern, energy saving appliances. Property owners are advised to consider the options available in such devices and implement changes which would financially benefit them immediately, and should their home go on the market,it will be all the more attractive and assure them of a quick sale”, noted Craig Hutchison.

Home Automation is fast- becoming one of the biggest trends in making our homes smarter. You can command virtually any system and device at anytime from anywhere, automating any item that uses electrical power.  Managing your home from your smartphone/android or tablet with one touch will become the norm and it is worthwhile investigating for any future changes you make.

In many cases, automating your home requires no modifications to its infrastructure, not even a single hole needs to be drilled and is completely wireless. To start the process you’ll need to look at what you want to automate and choose your level of automation, from basic lighting or security systems and as your budget allows, the addition of other areas which your lifestyle might require.

Although some of these smart-home features are luxuries which many homeowners might deem unnecessary, times have changed and more and more people are working from home – which means that some features has become a necessity.Automating your home can benefit your business or working environment.   

The most common smart home features on the market currently include security systems, automated sprinklers, entertainment & music centres and of course, heating & cooling systems. One such system to investigate is the Control4 Smart home.

Imagine if your home managed itself. Your lights know when to turn on and off. Your doors lock as you leave. Your air-conditioner warms or cools the house as you head home from work. From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, you’re taken care of. And all from your smartphone or tablet,you can command virtually any system and device, from anywhere, at any time. You’ve now imagined a life possible, in a Control4 Smart Home (distributed exclusively through Homemation).

A Control4 Smart Home coordinates the devices in your home to create a personalised experience with solutions that maximise your comfort, convenience,entertainment and peace of mind. With one touch, dim the lights, play music,turn up the heat, lock the door and arm the security system. Or, have your house respond to your schedule without touching anything at all. It’s easy and simple to take control with Control4.

There are however also many other options available. Some might not be as widely available as yet. Imagine a fridge creating its own shopping list,a washing machine which can be turned on or off whilst at the office or even kitchen counter tops which could give you a list of recipes depending on the ingredients taken out – although this sounds like a dream, it is already a reality.

Whether it be a simply features such as a fiber installation, or more complex security systems – there are definitely a smart-home feature to suite your needs, and which could influence the sale and price of your property in the near future.

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