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The Hottest Kitchen trends for 2019

Over the years more focus has been centered around the kitchen, truly making it both the hearth and heart of the home. It is a hardworking space that needs to be multi-functional and inviting, ideal for cooking up a storm and entertaining.

When it comes to colours, fittings, appliances and furniture for the kitchen we are spoilt for choice and new trends are constantly emerging. Streamlined, minimalist kitchens are still hot on the list, but so are kitchens that feature a vintage vibe.

Modern, high gloss, country or farm, which one will it be? If you’re planning on refreshing your kitchen or building one from scratch, here are the top kitchen trends for 2019. From simple to aspirational, they’re all inspiring!

Concealed storage

One of the biggest trends is concealed storage. “As open plan spaces become more integrated, kitchens that are minimalist and streamlined help to create an overall pulled together look,” explains Wendy Williams, Director of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa.

Concealed appliances create lines that are clean and seamless. Integrated fridges and freezers, handle-less cupboards, concealed pantries and lower-level island storage keep clutter to a minimum while maintaining a streamlined look.

“Appliances and plug points no longer need to be visible and are tucked away in their place until they are needed. The modern kitchen also features charging stations for your tech – either in a dedicated drawer or a pop-up charging tower near your prep area so that you can charge your tablet while following your favourite baking video. Concealed storage is about convenience, function and the luxury of having everything in its place in a way that is visually beautiful,” explains Williams.

Open shelving

On the opposite end of the scale, laying bare the personality of the kitchen is also right on trend. A simple way to do this is by replacing upper kitchen cabinets with open shelves. “Purposefully placing treasured ornaments or an outcrop of potted herbs across an open shelf makes a statement. It creates a focal point that adds colour, texture and interest. It’s a fun way of displaying your favourite things without compromising the overall look,” says Williams.

Another antithesis to the minimalist kitchen is to feature appliances that have been designed to be “shown off”. Appliance ranges that are the complete opposite to stainless steel such as Smeg’s Sicily is my love created by Dolce & Gabbana, make for bold accents.

Darker hues and pops of colour

While the all-white kitchen is still a preference for many homeowners, darker hues such as black, grey, deep blues and hunter green add mood and drama. “Homeowners are becoming more confident with colour. It’s a daring move away from the tendency to go all white and sets the stage for entertaining because it lends a particular energy to the space,” says Williams.

Along with the darker shades, pops of colour - especially those inspired by nature - are a growing trend. Think big colourful splash backs, patterned chairs, an accent wall and bright appliances.

Natural Materials

We continue to see the use of natural materials such as stone, rattan, basalt tiles and wood. Wood has made a big comeback and is featured in all it’s natural, raw beauty. It is being incorporated in cupboards, eating areas and floors in a manner that isn’t rustic and doesn’t compromise the sleek look of the modern kitchen. Quite the contrary, natural wood is being used to enhance these lines while adding visual interest.

Statement Lighting

As open plan living continues to take centre stage, it is important to denote different areas. This is where clever use of lighting and light fittings help to divide the space while maintaining a unified feel. Pendant lighting over the kitchen island anchors the room and creates a visual pause. The trend is towards oversized, sculptural and dramatic – anything that catches the eye. Vintage and industrial styles are still popular, but are more refined with softer finishes. Art deco style lighting is also making a comeback. In fact, changing your lighting is one of the simplest ways to give your kitchen an instant update.

Mixing Modern with Classic

There is such an eclectic range of design, colours and finishes on offer that there is no pressure to stick to a specific style. It’s a case of opposites attract so mixing modern trends with classic looks not only gives a kitchen an innovative twist but provides longevity as it won’t date as quickly. Classic finishes, such as white, grey or beige countertops provide a canvas for edgier accent piece.

“Renovating or building a kitchen is very personal. It’s needs to revolve around budget as well as lifestyle, preference and taste. The look that is right for you is the one that makes you happy and works best in your home,” explains Williams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to install a brand new kitchen?

Depending on finishes, fixtures and appliances, a 20m2 kitchen can cost anywhere between R33 000.00 and R200 000.00 to well beyond that price point. “Handles, appliances, countertops, paint, sinks and faucets, cupboard finishes – the quality and price of all of these will determine how much your kitchen is going to cost. The best approach is to have a budget and then work within those parameters,” says Martin du Plessis of M & F cabinetmakers.

What should a homeowner consider when installing a kitchen?

The flow of the kitchen space needs to be carefully considered to ensure that there is enough space to comfortably move around and open drawers and cupboards. One of the biggest mistakes is not allowing enough space between kitchen island and cupboards. It is important to decide where the sink and dishwasher need to be positioned as this will affect the plumbing and vice versa. Furthermore, plan where you are going to prepare and cook as this will determine where plug points, stove electrics and gas points need to be located.

How often should a kitchen be redone?

Every 15 years, more or less. However, if you’ve looked after your kitchen and it doesn’t feel outdated, then simple retouches such as new pendant lighting, furniture, crockery and cutlery can give it an instant update.

When building a house, should a substantial portion of the budget go into the kitchen?

It is important to apportion a substantial amount for the kitchen as it is better to get the best quality that your budget can buy. Don’t go cheap, rather do it properly the first time. Also, request an itemized quote from your builder or installer so that you can see exactly what your costs are from material to installation, as this will help you decide your must-haves versus your nice-to-haves.

What materials are best for kitchen countertops?

A kitchen is a hardworking space so countertops that are durable are best. Natural stone such as marble and granite and manufactured quartz such as Caesarstone look good and wear well. They are also quick and easy to clean and thus limit the spread of germs, which is extremely important in the kitchen as you’re constantly handling food.

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