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The Red Sofa: Interview with Gilan Gork

With a love for people and a passion for property, Engel & Völkers Southern Africa enjoys a moment on the red couch with some of South Africa’s high profile personalities,to gain some insight into their lives on both a professional and personal level, and by delving into their property insights and preferences.


“This week we had the privilege to open the door and meet Gilan Gork, renowned South African Mentalist, and Founder of the Influence Institute. Here is what he had to share…” noted Tihara Baker, Relationship Manager of Engel & Völkers Southern Africa. “

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Q> Tell us a bit about yourself and how you reached your dreams

I’m passionate about the field of reading & influencing people(in positive, ethical ways). I get great fulfillment by engaging with audiences and helping them reach their dreams by becoming the most influential version of themselves. There are many personal dreams I can tick off my bucket list, and many more I’m still working towards. I’m extremely grateful that my passion has become a career which has taken me to over 20 countries around the world, and allowed me to meet with some of the most interesting people on the planet. My background is as a mentalist, and I’ve grown to become a best-selling author,global speaker and founder of the Influence Institute.


Q> What is your motto in life?

Our effectiveness in life is directly proportional to our influence ability.


Q> Describe yourself in 3 words:

Passionate; Teachable; Curious


Q> How do you conquer fears?

I’ve experienced many fearful moments throughout my career – my first time on stage; first time on radio; first time on LIVE television; and soon. I still get nervous every time I get on stage. Each time I’ve had to train the little voice in my head to interpret my emotions in a positive way. In other words, I’ve learnt that if I can’t get the butterflies to fly away, I can at least train them to fly in formation.


Q > What has been your biggest risk you have ever taken?

Selling all my businesses and deciding to become a full time presenter. And jumping off a bridge with elastic tied to my feet… I won’t do that again.


Q> What is the best advice you have ever been given, and who gave it to you?

I’ve been given some real gems throughout the years, and the most recent advice that resonated with me is to ‘stop living in a world that does not exist’. When we’re constantly contemplating the past or thinking about the future, we’re not living in the present, which is the only place life exists.We’re always so busy planning to live that we forget to live.


Q> What is your take on property investments?

I think it’s wise to have property in your portfolio of investments.


Q> Do you own any property?

I bought a new apartment this year in the heart of Sandton, which I’m extremely proud of.


Q> Where would your dream home be located?

In close proximity to my family, outdoor activities and buzzing city life!


Q> Which room in your home is most important and why?

My bedroom. I have daily rituals that include meditating first thing when I wake up and reading before I go to sleep. All this happens in my bedroom. It’s also a sanctuary where I often rest and get lost in thought.


 Q> Any exciting new future plans on the horizon?

I don’t often get to host events that are available to the public,so I’m extremely excited about my #EveryBodyLanguage events from 10 – 12 August in Johannesburg! It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with fans over a luxurious three-course meal, while I also demonstrate some mind-blowing mentalist feats in between courses. I’ll also be revealing the hidden secrets of body language and teaching everyone how to apply it in their lives and business to become more influential and effective with people!



The Backdrop: About Gilan Gork

Gilan Gork has performed in more than 20 countries globally, featured on dozens of television shows, radio interviews and in print media, including a headline feature on Africa’s foremost investigative journalism show, Carte Blanche. Gilan has also written a best seller book, Persuasion Games.


With over 18 years of experience, Gilan has been dubbed by most of his long-standing corporate clients as the 'Master of Influence' and is hired by companies around the world as an expert business speaker and trainer. Gilan imparts valuable and potent skills in being able to read and influence people in contexts of leadership, sales, negotiations and other areas of business.


Our effectiveness in every area of business, and in life, can be increased when we develop our ability to positively influence the people around us. Gilan’s keynote talks and master classes equip his audiences with real-world techniques to immediately raise their levels of influence and achieve superior results,faster.


You may also request a ‘Mentalist Experience’ as a show or as part of Gilan MC’ing your event: You’ll experience Gilan’s spectrum of skills as he exhibits what seems like real mind-reading, precognition and mind-control. These skills include reading body language and non-verbal cues, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, behavioral science and more, which all come together in a highly entertaining, engaging and jaw-dropping session.

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