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The advantages of living in a converted loft apartment

A loft conversion is a large dwelling consisting of open spaces, not just rooms that are divided by walls or doors. This type of property originates from New York, in the second half of the 20th century, when some people, especially artists, decided to take advantage of the locally abandoned houses in the declining housing industry. This is why loft apartments have high ceilings and large windows that take full advantage of the natural light.

These days, loft apartments are quite fashionable in large cities and offer a series of benefits for people who reside in them:

The availability of natural light

The elimination of barriers in the form of walls or partitions provides rooms with plenty of natural light, which penetrates into each and every corner. The interior decor is less depressing, which has a significant effect on the mood. This is mainly because of the height and the characteristics of large windows.

These types of properties have much more space as partition walls are removed and the feeling of living in confined spaces is eliminated. In addition, large spaces can be better improvised, allowing freedom to decorate each room as one pleases. The resident has a greater freedom and versatility to live the way he or she wants in this type of property, because the physical barriers (i.e. walls) that limit the imagination are removed. Moreover, as working from home is now increasingly common, it makes sense to create your own workspace at home.

You can enjoy natural ventilation without feeling confined in closed spaces

Cross-ventilation is a source of healthy living that has been taken into account for centuries in typical "casa patio" Mediterranean style homes. Undoubtedly, the air circulates much better in this type of property.

Social interactions are made easy because this is a perfect home for having guests and sharing fun moments together in open and clear spaces. 
It is certainly an assertive type of property that provides residents with many personalised decoration and design options. Large spaces generally offer lots of possibilities to stimulate your creative imagination. 

Living in a loft apartment provides much comfort and has many benefits for its residents who wish to live on the top floor of a building. So if you are interested in buying or renting a loft in Barcelona, ​​the best option is to consult with the prestigious and professional Engel & Völkers estate agency. With more than 36 years of experience and a broad portfolio of lofts and other homes in the most distinguished areas of Barcelona, this is the company you should turn to today!

Vivir en un loft aporta tanta comodidad y beneficios para sus moradores que su demanda ha alcanzado cotas bastante elevadas. Por eso, si está interesado en comprar o alquilar un loft en Barcelona, la mejor opción es consultar con una inmobiliaria del prestigio y profesionalidad de Engel & Völkers, con más de 36 años de experiencia y una amplia cartera de lofts y otro tipo de viviendas en las zonas más distinguidas de la Ciudad Condal.

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