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Teleworking Tip

At Engel & Völkers we want to help you make your working day more bearable at home. It is very important to separate our working life from our personal life, especially if we have to telework. Nowadays we are lucky enough to have all the means at our disposal to make our teleworking as efficient as possible. And we can even see our colleagues' faces during meetings via video calls.

1) Take a shower and get dressed

Staying in your pajamas all day can be tempting (believe me, I know!) but after two days it's not such an attractive idea. Get up, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and start working. This will help you feel more confident about scheduling your video calls.

2) Create your own workspace

The best tip for teleworking is to separate your private life from your work life. Choose areas of your home that you can use for work. Even the kitchen table can serve as a work area, just clear it out properly before you start using it.

3) Take advantage of daylight

Make sure your workspace gets sufficient natural light. Natural light will increase your productivity, put you in a better mood, and it's good for your eyes. It is best to position your desk in front of a window.

4) Set a time for lunch

Time flies when we are working from home, so instead of snacking, set a time to eat properly and rest. Close your laptop, put your mobile phone aside and open the window for some fresh air. Your mind will appreciate a little rest.

5) Turn on the camera during conferences

Seeing the people you are working with helps you communicate better and avoid misunderstandings. Besides, if your appearance is tidy, you are dressed and sitting at your workspace, why hide yourself?

And above all remember to have a positive attitude. It is advisable to disconnect from the over-stimulation of news on television and social networks from time to time, and just tell yourself that all this will pass and there will be better times ahead.

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