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How to choose a franchisor? Any questions to ask

Do you have the soul of a self-entrepreneur and are looking to set up your own real estate agency? You probably already know the franchise system. This model is already widespread in many sectors in Belgium, and real estate is not left behind. For franchisees, it has the advantage the experience and expertise of a major brand, as for the franchisor, they remain the sole owner of their franchised agency. Since the system operates on the principle of cooperation, the franchisee must choose his franchisor carefully. Great established brand or promising young company, here are all the questions to ask yourself to choose the franchise network that suits you best.

The franchising company in Belgium

One of the main advantages of franchising for the franchise real estate agent is the experience of the Belgian market that the brand has. Taking advantage of its ideas and the recognition of its brand are more benefits of the franchisee system. Before you commit, you will need to study and determine the level of quality, relevance and effectiveness of many aspects of the business.

Ask yourself questions about commercial policy in relation to the Belgian market and competition. What is the quality of the business and management concept? In terms of its role as franchisor, what is the quality of its know-how, and this if this know-how is passed on effectively to the franchised agencies. Is the business profitable? His quality assistance? Does the franchise network maintain a good balance between the independence of the real estate agency and compliance with its standards?

The benefits offered by the franchisor

Being engaged in the businesses is an advantage for the Belgian franchisee. But the terms of the licence partnership change from franchisor to franchisor, so you will need to check what benefits the franchisor will offer you.

So determine if the franchisee allows you to have a start-up phase faster and safer than a non-franchised agency. Will this real estate agency startup also be cheaper? Does the franchisee give you the advantage of limiting your risks while allowing a good return on your investment in your business? Will they stand with you in learning about real estate agent in Belgium? Also, look for what the partnership offers long term, for example, whether the franchisee offers you permanent help or if they are able to help you evaluate the business idea.

The services of the Belgian franchisor

The "package" of services offered by the franchisor is also a vital aspect of the franchise partnership. What services and what support the franchisor offers its franchisees can also vary. Before you start franchising, make sure that the franchisor offers a lot of useful services. The services offered also differ before and after the opening of your franchise agency.

Make sure, before the opening, if the franchisor offers to assist you in the search and negotiation of the location, the layout of the point of sale, to train the staff or take make administrative steps. After the opening, does the franchisor offer permanent training, a marketing strategy, seminars? Is the transfer and processing of information between your franchised real estate agency, other members of the network and the sign is also available?

The constraints of the real estate franchisor

Although the real estate franchise has many benefits, the franchisee must also stick to certain constraints. In this case too, you, as an independent real estate agent, must choose which types of constraints are best for you. The real estate franchisor may, for example, ask you to respect its commercial strategy or certain financial or contractual obligations.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing your franchisor. Often, the franchisee will choose according to their own preferences. Engel & Völkers, for example, offers an internationally recognised franchise formula. In addition, our model allows you to get into real estate without the necessary prior experience. In Belgium too, we still offer licensing partnerships! More information on our website:


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