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Property sector: a safe industry and a profession of the future

Are you looking to get started independently and set up your own business? Out of the many opportunities available to you, is it the property sector that interests you the most? It’s a noble profession, which requires a good knowledge of human nature as well as great business flair. Does this seem like you? In addition, the franchise system, which is widely used, will allow you to enter into a partnership with a larger brand, but you are still able to manage your own agency. And do you have good intuition? With 75% of Belgian being property owners, this sector shows no sign of fraying. Here are all the reasons why Belgians are always choosing to invest in property.

A family affair

The main reason Belgians want to become property owners is for their families’ benefit. As well as providing a home for their loved ones, a house or apartment provides families with financial protection. The property sector has real value and remains high regardless of the economic situation. A rental property also makes it possible to build up capital or to have a valuable pension supplement. In addition, Belgians can easily pass on their property to their children, without costing any tax and in complete safety. The property sector is a safe bet, since everyone needs a roof over their heads, and so is also a sustainable value.

High efficiency

In addition to being beneficial for their family, the property sector is, for many, a positive factor for building a portfolio. With a risk/return ratio that is almost always favourable, the sector is different from other investments that are less secure and more susceptible to market fluctuations. For example, the property sector is good protection against inflation. Investing in property is a good way to have a stable return. On the one hand thanks to the net annual rental income, on the other hand, because a house, an apartment or a building has a future value. For Belgians, investing in property yields a high return and is almost always guaranteed.

Favourable tax incentives

If all the points mentioned above are possible, it is because the property sector benefits from favourable tax incentives in Belgium. In most cases, the only tax payable when making a property investment is property tax, but even this one comes with certain reductions. In addition, many measures are used to encourage property renovation, such as for example, a reduction in VAT, energy and renovation bonuses, as well as many tax deductions that are possible for acquisitions and conversions. The Belgian tax system is conducive to property investment, and this is among other reasons why Belgians are seeking to become property owners.

A sound investment

The tax benefits of investing in property help make it a safe bet. As mentioned above, Belgians invest in property for their family. And if they want to protect their money, among other things for their family, they tend to invest it in real estate. Indeed, investing in a property almost certainly allows for safe returns, unlike for example, riskier investments. Belgians simply do not leave their money sitting in an account somewhere. They prefer to make a sound investment of it, which will be of benefit to them in the long run. Traditionally, they choose the property sector.

Set up your estate agents

As we have already seen, the property sector is a safe bet for clients, and as such, there is also a great chance of success for professionals in the field. Becoming an estate agent means diving into a sector that is not only flourishing, but also noble due to its age. Establishing yourself as an estate agent may seem like a complicated task, but there are many great ways to find help and support in getting your business up and running. For example, one of them that may suit you is the estate agent franchise. If you are interested, find out about this model and take the first step towards in setting up your own estate agents.

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