Why open an Engel & Völkers franchise in Belgium?

Since when has Engel & Völkers been a franchise company? 

The company was founded in 1977 as an estate agency in Hamburg. Today we have over 900 franchise shops across 34 countries on 5 continents. Engel & Völkers now is one of the world’s leading service companies providing specialist advice and helping you in your search for a new property or the holiday home of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a new build or a portfolio property, in the city or the countryside, or wish to rent or to buy: our international network provides access to the finest properties in Belgium and abroad. 

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What sort of returns can I expect? 

A commission of € 1,000,000 per year is reasonable at a long term market share of 10 %. The success of our partners is mainly linked to the potential on the franchise area and personal performance. We are happy to discuss this topic more detailed in a personal meeting. 

Am I given territorial protection? 

Yes. We will establish a franchise area, adjusted to marketing conditions, geographical features and population density within which you are the only franchisee with exclusive rights. 

How do you define the franchise area? 

We want to treat all our franchise partners equally. When it comes to the franchise areas, we are working very close together with our future partners. We are also looking at the individual preferences of our future partners.  

What are the USP's of Engel & Völkers?


  • Farming tools
  • Structured agent platform
  • International Network 
  • Advanced trainings (Academy)
  • Franchise Experience since more than 30 years 
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Does the Franchise System require previous real estate experience? 

No. Our franchise concept is made for start- ups and real estate professionals. The most successful businesses are those with entrepreneurial owner/operators who have excellent people skills.  Engel & Völkers has a dedicated training academy that offers a comprehensive variety of courses and gives training to our employees on all levels such as Franchisee, Real Estate Agent and Assistant, teach you our operating systems and guide you through the legislation governing estate agency in your franchising region.         

What is the realistic working capital needed? 

The amount of working capital will vary according to region, as well as the size and the complexity of the fitting of the shop.

This figure consists of the following components:


  • A once-off Franchising Fee (includes, amongst others, the trademark rights, and exclusive rights in the licensed area) 
  • Complete Shop fitting (depending on the size of the shop) 
  • Capital for the start-up phase (fixed ongoing costs) 

What is the duration of my franchise agreement? 

The initial agreement is for 10 years.

Do I have to pay Engel & Völkers on a monthly base? 


No. Our franchise concept is based on royalties. That means, on each net commission the partner pays Engel & Völkers a royalties fee.


What do I get for this royalties fee? 

  • Operational support (daily business, recruiting etc.) 
  • Access to all marketing and farming tools (online + offline) 
  • Access to firm intranet (document database + all information regarding selling process etc.) 
  • Great agent platform  
  • Access to an exclusive and worldwide network (Referral business etc.) 
  • IT service/support  
  • Advanced training opportunities for all staff members through our company owned academy  
  • International Network – customer database  

What territories are currently available in Belgium ? 

You have the opportunity to review a belgian map on our franchise home page. All the taken areas are marked in Red.  

How soon can I open my own Shop? 

From the time of signing your agreement, and with the completion of basic training at our academy, our target is to open your Shop within 3 - 6 months.   

Will you help me to find the rightshop? 

Our experienced shop fitting and architecture team will assist you in finding theright shop and support you comprehensively in building it up according to ourcompany CI.   


Will you help me launching my business? 

Yes. We will assist and advise you through the process of launching your new business. Based on our experience, you will develop a marketing plan together with your own regional manager. It comes along with specific marketing tools that will be available for you at any time.


How does the further communication process looks like?  

  1. Phone call: first contact – First Information  
  2. Second call: detailed topics – Region of interest  
  3. Meeting headquarter Hamburg – Presentation Franchise Concept  
  4. Second Meeting: Contract topics 
  5. Signature 

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Join the Engel & Völkers family with a real estate franchise

The popularity ofthe franchising system is growing, as evidenced by the continued growth of ourreal estate franchises in every corner of the globe. The concept of our realestate franchise system is to share the work and strive toward success as acollection of independently operated companies. The benefits of this franchiseapproach are manifold, as attested to by the numerous franchisees with whom wecollaborate.

As a franchise wner in a company of international acclaim in the real estate industry, you benefit from our reputation and the strength of our global brand-and from our network of franchises. This ensures brand recognition for your new franchise, and you will benefit when your clients associate you with a brand based on many ecades of sound experience, setting you up for long-term franchise success against competing local companies. After all, our exclusive brand attracts premium clients on the market for a new home, a fact that will helps your franchise grow quickly and profitably.

An investment in your career: set up your ownfranchise company with Engel & Völkers

Step into the big leagues as a broker with an investment in an Engel & Völkers real estate franchise. Enjoy being your own boss while reaping the benefits of association! Once you take on one of our franchises, we provide you with franchise support in the form of our corporate design. From your franchise's façade to the letterhead you use in your franchise's correspondence, you have access to our recognizable brand and our network of franchises. This, in turn, will greatly contribute to the success of your franchise from the moment you open for business. What's more, your marketing employees and sales agents also have access to our experience and expertise, ensuring the people who work for you are well trained and equipped with the tools they need to propel you to great heights.

Our business is your business: peruse our online merchandising shop to ascertain which of our brand services and products are best suited to fullfil your requirements, both for your team and for your franchise. You also receive a premium gift with Engel & Völkers branding, the ideal way of establishing a lasting business connection with each of your clients. Our web-based printing shop facilitates the process of developing your own marketing tools just as quickly as you can generate ideas and marketing campaigns. In short, our online services offer the best conditions to march toward success with an Engel & Völkers real estate franchise!

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Starting a companyis an investment in your future, and our agents have all the information youneed to get started. If you're ready to take your career as a broker to thenext level as an independent business owner, then our real estate franchisesystem is right up your alley. Contact an Engel & Völkers' agent today toget all the news and information necessary to take advantage of thisexceptional opportunity.

Whether you pop into one of our local offices, send an email, read our brochures, or contact us by telephone, our agents are well versed in our business model and eager to provide support as you become part of the Engel & Völkers family. We always ensure the privacy of both you and your clients. When your clients make use of your services to find a new home, you have at your disposal our many years of experience as well as our in-house services. In short, we give you the tools you need to seal the deal. We are with you every step of the way and are happy to help in any way possible. Share the work, and together we will achieve even greater success!