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Art Nouveau: Live in the Art Nouveau Style

Art Nouveau in Prague: You can start enjoying life in the Art Nouveau style starting today

The beauty of nature, graceful feminine curves, and gently rising cigarette smoke - these are some of the themes that influenced the creative process and development of the Art Nouveau style. Read here about the new artistic wave that transcended the borders of architecture, sculpture and painting, and that would come to touch every aspect of life. It is still possible today to live in any number of noble and charming Art Nouveau buildings, and enjoy the special atmosphere of the creative fruits of the era.

The Art Nouveau era:  beauty born out of protest

The Art Nouveau movement wanted to put an end to the cumbersome traditions of classical art, while at the same time responding to the turbulent 19th-century development of industry and its mass machine production. The movement longed to bring a fresh breeze not only to the arts, but to penetrate directly into all areas of modern life. Art Nouveau thus impacted and changed the artistic directions not only of painting, sculpture and architecture, but also of music and poetry, and furniture-, jewellery-, and fashion-design.

Art Nouveau architecture has left its mark on the face of many European cities

The beginnings of Art Nouveau architecture are usually dated back to the 1880s, when a movement laying new ground and setting a new direction in architecture and other areas was born among artists and craftsmen in England. By the end of the 1890's, the first residential houses in the Art Nouveau style had been built. Art Nouveau was not, however, a phenomenon affecting only the exterior and outer look the buildings: it sought a place in the everyday lives of the people.

So, in addition to designing the buildings themselves, Art Nouveau architects also proposed their interiors. Various decorative interior elements including, for example, furniture, carpets and wallpaper highlights were all realized based on the building architect’s designs, becoming an integral part of the experience of the space. Architects played with subtle shades of colour, natural motifs, and sophisticated ornaments. The result were harmonious interiors in the typical Art Nouveau style, characterised by  intertwined flowers and leaves, wavy lines highlights, and paintings of beautiful ladies that brought a sophisticated hint of eroticism.

Architects and designers of the period were especially fond of fauna and flora; birds and butterflies play a central decorative role, as do elements from the plant kingdom, especially including lilies, irises, orchids, poppies, water lilies, birches, and willows;  grapevine designs are a particularly typical Art Nouveau theme.

Art Nouveau period architectural gems are as attractive to home-seekers as ever

To talk about the famed Municipal House, Industrial Palace in Prague 7, Vinohrady Theatre, and Hotel Evropa, is to name just a few of Prague‘s important and iconic Art Nouveau buildings. In addition to these remarkable structures, there are many rather more "subtle", but equally beautiful finds throughout the metropolis. And since some of them are residential, and you can even live one!

For example, this unique apartment and its unforgettable atmosphere awaits in Mala Strana. You can gaze at Petřín or enjoy views of Prague Castle and the historic city center from the top floor of this Renaissance and Art Nouveau semi-detached home. The luxurious apartment and its 7 + 1 layout will provide you with plenty of room even if you decide to continue in the legacy of what is probably the most famous Czech artist of the Prague Art Nouveau - Alfons Mucha.

 Praha 5, Smíchov
- Secesní interiér bytu se špaletovými okny, dubovými parketami a dobovým nábytkem.

This beautiful flat by Stromovka park provides ideal living for either an individual or couple. This completely renovated 56 m² space is sunny and also interesting from an investment point of view…rent in this locality commands from about 350-400 CZK per m2.

 Praha 5, Smíchov
- Secesní interiér bytu s parketami, historickým nábytkem, zelenými závěsy a dobovým lustrem.

This generously spacious 2 + kk apartment near Old Town Square will be appreciated by those who want to live in the Art Nouveau style, but would rather rent than buy their residence. It is located right in the center of the Jewish Town (also called Josefov) and only a few steps from the famous Pařížská Street. 90 m² and two bathrooms complement the original historic elements and the wonderful oak parquet floors.

 Praha 5, Smíchov
- Luxusní koupelna v secesním domě v odstínech šedé, bílé a hnědé.

Visit places where beautiful architecture blends with excellent food. Art Nouveau restaurants will enchant you

Go visit the special restaurants where beautiful architecture meets excellent food. You will find yourself enchanted.

Even lunch or dinner provides a great opportunity  to enjoy Art Nouveau charm. One example of a lovely spot boasting a beautiful interior and top-notch cuisine is the Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant located in the Hotel de Paris, named after the famous Parisian actress and singer. Here you can enjoy modern French and Czech gastronomic specialties, all the while surrounded by period décor of chipped blue mosaics, wooden wall panelling, and designer furniture. Another Art Nouveau gem worth the visit can be found right in the Municipal House itself in the Pilsen Restaurant Prag. The wooden Art Nouveau furniture is mostly original - as is the wall paneling, upholstered chair cushions, and cutlery; the cuisine is mostly traditionally Czech.

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