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The Story of a Junior E&V Rental Team Agent

"Working here has been a great opportunity for me to make a positive change in my life and meet new people," says Dominik, a university student of management and psychology, and who joined the residential rental team 5 months ago as a junior rental agent, becoming our new colleague in March, 2020.

  • How would you describe your beginnings at E&V during the coronavirus pandemic?

I truly appreciate Ondřej Hlaváč, my direct superior. Ondřej works as a senior salesman in the residential lease team. I have had his full support from the very beginning. When the state of emergency was declared in the Czech Republic because of coronavirus, we spent about a week adjusting. Many of the materials we had been working with were in print, and we had to start relying more on the online world. Some colleagues decided to take full advantage of the home office option, I worked partly from home and partly from the office. I found I work better in the office, because of the familial atmosphere; we have a very good team, and the team helps my professional development since I can learn so much directly from my colleagues.

  • What brought you to our company?

The first time I came across the Engel & Völkers logo was in one of its advertising campaigns. I immediately understood that this was a real estate agency with truly premium real estate. I had never considered becoming a real estate consultant. Thanks to the online LinkedIn professional network, I was contacted directly by my current colleague from the HR department, and subsequently invited for a job interview. The job opportunity interested me mostly because at E&V, I earn proportionately to my work output.

  • What do you value about Engel & Völkers?

I like the concept, I like the team, we help each other, I have great support not only from my senior salesman, but also from the whole team.

  • What kind of previous business experience did you have?

My first work experience was working for a start-up. In the course of the admission procedure, they chose a leader and 3 team members, I was one of them. The job involved trading on the stock exchange, and I had to handle several dozen calls a day.

  • Are you satisfied with the residential rental team or would you choose a different team today given the choice?

I received a job offer for the position of junior rental agent in the residential rental team, I did not choose the team myself when starting. I'm glad I'm right where I am. Our team’s work is, comparatively, the most dynamic; as an example, a client might arrange a viewing with you immediately upon first contact, perhaps within an hour, everything is fast…ideal work for young people.

  • How would you evaluate the E&V training system? Was it difficult to orient yourself in the new environment?

When you join a company, everything is new to you. In my opinion, the foundation of all learning is practice. Today, I feel perfectly adapted. As I said, both the team and my leader Ondřej are perfect. It's wonderful to have a supervisor who always finds time for me and that helps me with everything. I appreciate the freedom and independence that I have been granted, I now go on viewings with clients on my own, without any supervision.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job right now?

The diversity. Working in E&V is definitely not about routine. You’re not always sitting in the office, you go for viewings with clients, you interact with them. A lot of energy is exchanged between us.

  • What is the greatest challenge this job poses for you?

There's nothing that I truly have a problem with. I remember one negotiation with a property owner that was particularly complicated. In the end, however, everything turned out as I wished, and the feeling of closing a deal after a difficult negotiation was truly very rewarding. The whole experience definitely helped boost my confidence. Every time a similar situation develops in a favourable direction, I take it as a confirmation that I am doing my job well.

  • What is your biggest success to date at Engel & Völkers?

I have a very clear answer to that one; I rented 3 apartments in the course of last week.

  • What is your motivational goal?

I would like to achieve the highest possible turnover, so I want to recruit as much real estate as possible into my portfolio. I have a unique opportunity this summer to prepare myself fertile ground before school begins in the fall.

  • What are the 3 key qualities or skills of an ideal Engel & Völkers dealer?

Professionalism, patience and credibility. If your goal is, for example, for the owner of an apartment building to entrust you with the sale of their property, it is necessary to show that, in your hands, it will be managed perfectly. You need to show, diplomatically, your ability to negotiate, and demonstrate that with you as a partner, making a deal can be a pleasant process for all parties involved.

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