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Nové Město - the very heart of modern Prague

to live in  Nové Město /New town is in many ways an extraordinary experience,this unique location enables you to be anywhere downtown in a few minutes walk, right in in the maze of crooked streets of old Prague.  Nové Město is the only district of Prague, where all the subway lines intersect. There is also a densest network of bus and tram lines in town. The Main station lies right at the border of the district, so getting somewhere is not an issue. Compared to the centers of other old european cities is center of Prague well equipped with infrastructure, there is a multitude of grocery shops, excellent choice in schools,a hospital and medical services , post offices and institutions as well as broad range of everyday services. 

Property in Nové Město is an investment of lasting value

Living in Nové Město means a city life in the purest form, the city around you almost never sleeps, shopping, restaurants and a variety of cultural events are constantly within your reach. Investment in a property in this part of town is one of a lasting value, available apartments are scarce and highly demanded. If a foreigner is asking, what to visit  in center of Prague then the the Wenceslas square is surely going to be among the recommendations. The pulse of life never ceases here, even in the small hours of the night. In the daylight is recommendable to savour the atmosphere of the passages here, it is a mesmerizing small world of its own, full of little shops, cafes, restaurants, stunning halls and wonderful architecture. When you immerse to the streets again, you often feel a little dazzled like  from waking dream. One of the most popular passages is Pasáž Lucerna with the statue of the St. Wenceslas horse hanging upside down from the ceiling, a work of the artist David Černy.  You surely do not want to miss passage Rokoko, passage Adria or the beautiful  Palác Koruna, which is a gem of the Wenceslas square for over one hundred years.

Would you like to own a house right in the centre of Roman Empire?

Did you know that, the Charles square is the biggest square in Czech republic and in middle  Europe?  In times of the reign of Charles the IV. it was, as the sovereign wanted to make to a center of the Roman empire. The Charles square maintains the appearance of a park for a long time. There are reconstructions commencing next year, new walkways, playground a coffee shop and marketplace are in planning.  the square bore the name of Beastmarket in the past, though there were many more commodities up for sale in here. But the Best trade was so prominent, that the grain traders were pushed out into neighbouring streets, hence there is the origin of the street names Žitná and Ječná Rye and Barley street. The square gained the look we know  by the end of the 19th century, according to plans of well known architect František Josef Thomayer. The surroundings the Charles square are housing many interesting institutions. A big part of it belongs to complex of hospital by the mane of Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice, neighbouring on several buildings of various Prague universities belonging to Přírodovědecké fakultě (Faculty of Natural sciences), 1. Medical faculty of Charles and ČVUT ( Czech technical university).  Just few steps southwards you will find an Information centre IPR including the new Centre of architecture and urban planning (CAMP).

Nové Město culture and greenery within reach

The Národní třída is not just an interconnection of New Town, but also a milestone of czech history, namely the Velvet revolution of 1989, when it was a stage to demonstration which brought the whole process in moving. Today it is an important lane of business, culture and traffic. At the very end of it you´ll find the National Theater, a work of architect Josef Zítek, which is well discernible by the gilded fence on the top of its roof.  Opposing the historical theater scene in many ways is the  Nová scéna/ New scene , where the modern theater is at home. Traveling the Národní street you will walk by Divadlo Image, home of so called black theater,which is attracting visitors from all around the world.  In Nové Město are also situated the other two opera houses in Prague: Stavovské divadlo and Státní opera.

One of the institutions of the Faculty of natural sciences is the Botanical garden, the outdoor exposition is freely accessible and the remote corners were just made for quiet contemplation or reading a book. In the greenhouses there is permanent exhibition of  tropical and subtropical plants and cactus plants. On the very edge of the Botanical garden is a kindergarten serving mainly students and body of the Faculty of natural sciences, which is offering the children a daily contact with animals and plants. Other favorable spots for walks are the park Folimanka and of course Vyšehrad, which are right around the corner. The combined pleasure of culture and nature is often to be had at the často Střelecký island. The parks on the other side of  Vltava for instance Petřínské sady are also in easy walking distance from Nové Město . 

Would you like to live in New Town of Prague? Potřebujete poradit jak investovat do nemovitosti v této živé lokalitě s bohatou historií a rozmanitou architekturou? Contact us, if any assistance in matters of an investment in this lively part of Prague with rich history and amazing architecture is needed.

Nabídka nemovitostí: Nové Město / Property Offer: The New Town

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