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Competent service, comprehensive support and convincing results in the real estate sector: This is what Engel & Völkers Hamburg stands for. Our real estate broker offer is characterized, among other things, by more than 35 years of experience, detailed knowledge of the entire city area and valuable regional and national contacts. We organize the sale of your villa, look after the rental of your apartments and ensure that you find your high-quality dream home in Hamburg. Your satisfaction is our goal: On this page you can find out more about the many facets of our service offer.

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Engel & Völkers Hamburg's real estate agents operate in a total of 16 real estate shops in Hamburg and the surrounding area and are therefore within easy reach of your target markets. This way, you will be the first to find out about structural changes, new sales and emerging market trends, so that you can always benefit from the latest inside information when buying, selling or renting your property.

We are currently operating Engel & Völkers real estate shops in Hamburg Barmbek, Bergedorf, Blankenese, City, Eppendorf, Harburg, Marienthal, Niendorf / Schnelsen / Groß-Borstel / Lokstedt, Othmarschen, Volksdorf, Wellingsbüttel and Winterhude as well as Hamburg's southern region. In addition to apartments, houses and villas, we also look after purchases, sales and rentals of commercial properties in our exclusive commercial office. A full range of first-class real estate agent services awaits you at Engel & Völkers Hamburg.

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The Engel & Völkers brand, which was launched in Hamburg in 1977, currently features over 800 branches worldwide. The success of our real estate franchise is based on our consistent service philosophy, our high-quality real estate portfolio and the commitment of over 10,000 real estate agents and real estate consultants, who with their competence and expertise enable successful real estate marketing on a daily basis.

Would you also like to sell or rent a property in Hamburg, or are you looking for the ideal single-family house or the right apartment? Visit us in one of our real estate shops in Hamburg and the surrounding area, or arrange a personal consultation with us via email or phone. We look forward to you!


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Hamburg, the “gateway to the world”: Attractive and sought-after real estate location

With its unique northern German atmosphere, numerous districts full of unique properties and promising career opportunities, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg attracts more people every year. The phenomenon of Hamburg magnetizes and fascinates everyone in their own way: Young people and students in particular, but also successful workers and families, are moving their center of life to Hamburg in large numbers. The demand for apartments, single-family houses and town villas for sale is correspondingly high: the transaction volume on the Hamburg real estate market increased continuously between 2014 and 2017 in both the condominium and single-family house sectors, a development that also affected Purchase prices of rental and residential properties: High single-digit to double-digit growth rates are a clear indication that Hamburg is currently more popular than ever.

Life in the Elbe suburbs: Imposing villas and single-family houses in the west of Hamburg

The Elbe suburbs are Germany-wide prime examples of first-class living in a traditionally luxurious manner. Nationally known streets such as the Elbchaussee in Blankenese and Othmarschen show impressively the advantages of life in the Elbe suburbs. The residents mostly come from an academic, economic or other elitist context and have decided to buy a mostly impressive city villa or a single-family house, which characterize the appearance of the Elbe suburbs in such a unique way. The quality of life in the Elbe suburbs is also enhanced by numerous parks such as Jenischpark in Othmarschen or Baurspark in Blankenese, as well as the kilometer-long banks of the Elbe. Anyone looking for a prestigious place to live in Hamburg with the purchase of a property with sometimes extravagant villas or single-family houses in the neighborhood is well advised to go to the Elbe suburbs.
The price range for single-family houses in the best locations in the Elbe suburbs ranges between 550,000 euros and 7,000,000 euros - making it the most expensive residential area in the Hanseatic city.

Living comfortably: Buying real estate in a rural Hamburg idyll

But apartments and houses in other Hamburg locations also promise a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle. One example would be the area of ​​the Alstertal, which makes up a large part of Hamburg's north-east. The natural surroundings of the region particularly emphasize its residential value, especially since it is still part of the metropolis of Hamburg. Hiking trails through nature reserves such as the Rodenbeker Quellental or Hainesch-Iland guarantee excellent local recreation quality right outside the door of your own house or villa. Occasionally there are also farms and open spaces cultivated for agriculture, which provide a completely new interpretation of the term “big city”. You will also find such an idyll in neighboring areas such as the forest villages around Volksdorf or in the Bergedorf further south. The properties and single-family houses that are being sold here can cost between 260,000 euros and 700,000 euros in medium-sized locations. Larger properties in good locations such as Hamburg Wellingsbüttel, Volksdorf or Marienthal, on the other hand, can quickly reach the price dimensions of the Elbe suburbs - depending on your personal preference, a detailed property analysis by your real estate agent Engel & Völkers Hamburg may be worthwhile.
There are also harmonious, attractive residential areas in the southern Hamburg area, especially in the Buchholz region in the Nordheide. Your Engel & Völkers contact person on site will be happy to provide information on the current market and supply situation.

Rent central apartments not far from the city

Real estate locations in Hamburg Eppendorf, Barmbek or Winterhude are popular as a place to live, primarily because of their proximity to the lively Hamburg city and their diverse district culture. For example, the Kampnagel cultural center in Winterhude offers regular entertainment and leisure events, Eppendorf knows how to impress with its artful architectural styles and practical shopping opportunities on Eppendorfer Landstrasse, and Barmbek has emerged as a modernized new residential area, especially in recent years. Rent prices for apartments in this region can vary greatly, but they are mostly above the Hamburg average of 11.36 Euros per square meter. The Süderelbe region becomes a tried and tested alternative here; Between the Harburg district and the Hanseatic city of Buxtehude you will find a complex conglomerate of different location qualities and price levels. On the northern outskirts of the city, in the districts of Niendorf, Schnelsen, Groß Borstel and Lokstedt, apartments and houses in the medium-priced segment can also be found, which are only a few minutes' drive from the city center.

Professional property marketing and competent real estate advice at Engel & Völkers Hamburg

The real estate services of Engel & Völkers real estate agents are aimed equally at owners who want to sell or rent out their Hamburg property, and at interested parties who are looking for the right single-family home or apartment in the Hanseatic city. Our offer includes a wide range of industry-specific services from qualified property analysis including evaluation to target group-focused marketing to the organization and administration of the entire property transfer. We work with a contact network that has been built up over decades, through which connections can be quickly established to possible buyers or tenants as well as suitable providers for your dream property. If, on the other hand, you are commercially looking for a suitable investment property or a branch for your company, then Engel & Völkers Commercial Hamburg is the best place for you. Benefit from the extensive expertise of our real estate agents in renting office space, warehouses, retail spaces and more in the entire Hamburg city area. We also oversee the planning of your new building ambitions with a separate division. Specialized real estate agents and trained experts from different fields strive consistently for the success of your project - the final measure of the work of Engel & Völkers Hamburg.