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Valuation as a philosophy

We value the individuality and history of each property. Often, it is the hidden values that determine the price, and our experts will recognise all the unique details during a non-binding viewing.

  • Online valuation

    Our online valuation is an efficient and uncomplicated starting point for a first and fast price assessment of your property - free and non-binding.

  • On-site valuation

    Our experts have the know-how to evaluate your property, taking into account all the unique characteristics. Let us consult you in person, for free, and on-site.

  • Local expertise

    It takes a lot of experience and local market knowledge to precisely valuate your property. We will determine the optimal price based on market and target group analysis.


Each property has an individual value

Are you wondering about the value of your house or apartment? Engel & Völkers can provide a well-founded valuation of your property. Whether online or on-site, it’s free and non-binding.


Online valuation

Looking for an initial estimate of your property's current value?

We compare your property information with thousands of records of sold properties, as well as those currently for sale, and thereby determine the current value of your property.

You will receive your first valutation fast and comfortably via email.

Online valuation

On-site valuation

Every property is unique: Engel & Völkers experts can also take individual features and details of your property into account during the on-site valuation. We will be able to make a comprehensive valuation based on our extensive database, local market expertise, and comparisons with similar properties. Our sound valuation takes into account the full potential of your property and contains a detailed market and target group analysis.

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The correct valuation

The top 6 factors for property valuation

One of the most important and complex steps when selling a house or apartment is the precise valuation of the property. Here are the six most important factors that significantly determine the value of your property.


“Location, location, location”: The old prophecy is still true to this day. The location of a property is still one of the most value-determining factors, and often more than the property itself. We differentiate between micro location and macro location. The micro location is the close surroundings of the property, such as a city district, whereas the macro location describes the region in which the property is located. Whether a location is desirable or not is also determined by the existing infrastructure and cultural, educational, and recreational facilities.


Was the property built in 1920 or 2023? Is it in need of renovation or as good as new? The value of a property is significantly influenced by its age. However, it has less to do with the year it was built and more to do with the property's condition in relation to its age.

For example, if a property is very old, urgent or routine renovation work may be required, however, older properties are very popular with certain buyers.

Property condition and energy efficiency

For prospective buyers, the property's condition with relation to energy efficiency is also important. It is important to note that a lack of energy efficency can result in additional costs.

Whether you are looking for a home in the city, the countryside, or near the coast, our experts are here to support you.

Property type

What property type are we dealing with - a terraced house, a detached house, an antic apartment, or an elegant villa? The property type determines the demand of a property and therefore the offer price.

Property features

How many rooms are there? Is there a basement and a large garden? Are there special features such as a terrace, underfloor heating, or a built-in sauna? Value factors such as these are very individual and important purchase criteria for buyers.

Supply and demand

Last but not least, general supply and demand in the local property market significantly determines purchase price valuation. Our local agents at Engel & Völkers are knowledgeable about the current demand in your region and how it affects the value of your property.

  • Good to know

    Does your property include unique features such as a sauna, underfloor heating, or a modern heat-pump system? Get an on-site property valuation from an experienced Engel & Völkers agent. With their comprehensive expertise, they will be able to valuate your property with even more accuracy, in order to provide the best possible sale price.

Selling - with or without an expert?

Deciding whether to sell privately or via an estate agent mainly depends on the following factors: your level of experience when it comes to selling properties, your knowledge of the property market, and the time you have available.

Selling with a real estate agent

Our real estate agents are equipped with a high level of experience and a client base with earmarked prospective buyers, which will greatly reduce your time investment. The estate agent fee (when appropriate) is then split between yourself and the buyer.

Selling without a real estate agent

Those who wish to handle the sale themselves will save on the agent's commission, but they must be ready for the necessary hidden expenses that may emerge to effectively sell a property. You will also have to be confident and steadfast when selling.


Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I valuate my property?

There are two options: you can either valuate your property online or on-site. At Engel & Völkers, both services are always free and non-binding.

Online valuation: We can valuate your property online for an initial price assessment. Access the Engel & Völkers online valuation tool here.

On-site valuation: You can request an on-site valuation by one of our Engel & Völkers experts. Contact us online and we will contact you soon with a possible date.

Good to know: Make full use of both options. The online valuation alone can never be a substitute for the personal on-site valuation. If you're intending to sell, please get in touch with our experts & Engel & Völkers who will help to acheive the optimal sales price for your house or apartment.

Which property information is used for the online evaluation?

The result of your Engel & Völkers online evaluation is based on the five most important factors that determine the price of a property:

Property type - house or apartment

Living area and property area

Macro location - the wider area around the property and region

Micro location - district

Year of construction

How accurate is the online valuation?

Valuating a property online can determine a realistic value, and it is ideal when looking for a first price assessment.

We analyse your property information and compare with a large number of similar properties. Additionally, we apply local market information and thereby determine the market value of your property.

The determined value of your property is based on the individual characteristics of your property and not an average value of other properties in your location.

How does a real estate agent determine the price of your property on-site?

Real estate agents have several standard valuation methods at their disposal, depending on the property in question. Those mostly used are the comparable value method, real value method, and income value appraisal method. The comparable value method is best suited when evaluating private properties. The specific values compared are location, furnishing, size, and layout. Engel & Völkers real estate agents review prices of comparable properties.

Every property is unique! Other than during the online evaluation, when evaluating a property on site, the Engel & Völkers real estate agents can also take individual features and details of your property into account during valuation. The agent values the special history behind each property and understands the "hidden values" of your property.

We will undertake an extensive valuation based on our extensive database, years of experience, and local market expertise. Our sound valuation takes into account the full potential of your property and contains a detailed market and target group analysis in order to achieve the high possible sale price.

How long does an Engel & Völkers valuation take?

A precise valuation by Engel & Völkers takes approximately three weeks, depending on the individual parameters of the property.

Can I raise the price of my property?

To raise the sales value of your property before the valuation, several measures can be undertaken including:

•    Visible renovation, such as painting the external facade or laying new floors - the neater, the better!

•    Renovation work to make your property more energy efficient, such as new windows or the installation of a modern heating system. Especially nowadays, prospective buyers are very aware of energy costs.

•    … and many more. At Engel & Völkers we will expertly support you on how to raise the value of your property. 

I would like to receive a non-binding valuation and remain anonymous. What will happen with my personal data?

At Engel & Völkers, protecting your personal data is our priority. To receive your free valuation for your property, you will only have to share with us your full name, e-mail address as well as a few basic property details. This is necessary to protect this free property valuation from being viewed by unauthorised persons. If you want us to contact you after the valuation, you can also choose to share your phone number with us.

We strictly process your personal data according to law provided by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. For the exact content, reason, your right of revocation and measures, please refer to the area data protection declaration.


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