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Property in Groß Flottbek, a preferred residential area in Hamburg

Houses, apartments and villas in the small part of the town create a sense of home

Hamburg Groß Flottbek, whose name goes back to the small creek of Flottbek, is considered one of the smaller districts if Altona with its 2.4 square kilometers. This river runs through the district in the southwest and flows into the Elbe in Othmarschen.

Flottbek was able to maintain a certain village character over the centuries. In particular, the old village core with the Flottbek church and the surrounding half-timbered houses, the building of which dates back to more than 200 years, give the district a unique and homely character. The local farmers market takes place twice a week, and the voluntary fire brigade is involved in fire protection and public festivals. When on stroll through Groß Flottbek, you could almost forget that you're in a district of the second largest city of Germany, and not in an actual rural village.

All around this "village center" one of the most popular residential areas of Hamburg has developed itself, where mainly young families with children have settled down. The architectural diversity ranges from classic North German "coffee grinders", ie red-clinker single-family houses with mostly black pointed roofs, semi-detached houses or townhouses to representative villas of historical or modern design. The full repertoire of condo apartments completes the colorful real estate portfolio of Groß Flottbek, that practically offers the rental and sales of its real estates. Due to the size of the district, the proximity to all the highlights is a given, which are all within walking distance. A pronounced sense of home can quickly develop here, which is also based on strong neighborly cohesion.

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From the village to the shopping street

But it is not only the village-like appearance that characterizes Flottbek; In the south of the district, on the border with Hamburg Othmarschen, the Waitzstraße is the largest shopping street. Shopping as much as your heart desires, running your daily errands or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and watching the hustle and bustle of the street ...

All this is possible thanks to a total of 83 stores and service providers from fashion boutiques, jewelry shops and gastronomy offers right up to bookshops and bank branches directly on site. Your Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe site is also located in the middle of Waitzstrasse.

The residents consider the Waitzstrasse to be quite important as "their shopping street", hence it has its own interest group that represents the concerns and issues of the street politically and socially. It also organizes street festivals and children's events, which are always very popular. In addition, it takes care of order and cleanliness to always present the Waitzstrasse at its best.

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Family-friendly real estate location thanks to good infrastructure

Groß Flottbek has a wide range of facilities that ensure optimal support and training for the next generation of children. In over five kindergartens of different denominations, the children are accompanied on their first steps into the social life before they lead their way to one of the three local primary schools in Groß Flottbek. Up to the Abitur in one of the three resident Gymnasiums / High Schools, there are no other school steps necessary, so that there is more time for leisure and homework.

Above and beyond the school education, Groß Flottbek is also well placed for infrastructure: Thanks to the S-Bahn stop Othmarschen in the south, the access to the federal motorway to the east, and proximity to Hamburg airport, there are quite practical traffic connections. A senior citizens' residence, some student residences, the shopping possibilities of the aforementioned Waitzstraße - and all that on only 2.4 square kilometers -make Groß Flottbek a very practical and comfortable district. The prospective buyers of your house or your villa will appreciate this very much.

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Real estate demand exceeds the supply - so sell now

The last 10 years have led to a very sharp rise in property prices in Groß Flottbek. Since 2006, growth of up to 120% has been recorded here, a result of the extremely high demand for real estate in Groß Flottbek. In particular, the need for villas, detached houses and semi-detached houses with five or more rooms is very high here and can not be covered by the supply. Therefore, prices continue to be driven upwards. The price per square meter is between € 4,400 for smaller, low-priced properties such as condominiums and € 8,500 for larger properties in a central location. Currently, there is no indication that the high demand in Groß Flottbek is diminishing, so you can still sell or rent your property here profitably. You have the best opportunities with your real estate agents at Engel & Völkers Hamburg Elbe. In our decade-long work with local real estate, we have established valuable basic knowledge about the dynamics of the local market, which allows us to manage the sale of your property professionally. Starting from a thorough estimate of your house or villa, we present the object online and offline on the market, and with our comprehensive marketing concept, we ensure that the interest of the buyer is directed to your property.

Did this insight into the life of Hamburg Groß Flottbek arouse your interest? Click this link to access the property search, where you can enjoy further impressions of the properties already sold in this district. We are looking forward to meeting you personally in order to discuss your individual needs with you.

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