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AT HOME in Munich – Whether vintage or contemporary – Well-being guaranteed

- Zuhause in München mit Engel & Völkers

Discover our first-class property offer in Munich.

We here at Engel & Völkers share a passion: wonderful properties – whether elegant penthouses, stylish manors or luxury villas.

With loving attention to detail, a few delicate touches, atmospheric decoration and the right furniture, a property can be transformed into a personal, inviting HOME – your HOME, your nurturing haven, your own kingdom.

The two interior designers Alexandra Borlein and Victoria Wölpl share this passion for individual and personal feel-good spaces, for a wonderful HOME. Above all, it is their love for extraordinary pieces of furniture, preferably vintage, that connected the two from the moment they met. Remade-Interior is the successful result of their passion for discovering new things and for recognizing their potential. The fascinating mixture between mid-century and contemporary, modern classics and unusual vintage pieces accounts for the charm of their combined projects.

Turning the key and opening the door means arriving at the workplace for Victoria Wölpl, and coming home for Alexandra Borlein, who lives here with her boyfriend and daughter. In order to create a pleasant atmosphere, it has become something of a ritual for the two interior designers to turn on atmospheric luminaires, lamps and lights, with music playing in the background. This inviting ambience is immediately conveyed to the HOME and the workplace.

The two interior stylists do not select pieces of furniture and lighting elements at random; they seek the special, the unique, to create lively spaces and lend them individuality and pleasant vibes. In their projects, dabs of paint and delicate touches of color play a meaningful role. These details do not only transform furniture into something special in the twinkling of an eye, but also let whole spaces shine.

- ZUHAUSE in München mit Engel & Völkers

The two stylists Alexandra and Victoria derive their inspiration from books, magazines, materials of all sorts, including the internet, and combine these simulations skilfully with their creativity and love of detail.

Their housing projects focus in particular on unique pieces of furniture, which captivate with their charm and own, little history. In their constant search for new one-off pieces, Alexandra and Victoria love to wander through the antique and flea markets of the world – London, Paris, New York or Milan. For the furnishing designers, their work represents more than simple passion. For them, living and working become one – one merge into the other flows into the other and does not become separated.

The extraordinary pieces are available to view and purchase until mid-February in the exhibition in the industrial loft, located at Goethestraße 34, 80336 Munich.

Appointment arrangements can be made via or 0173-419 55 31.

Do you also have a favorite piece of furniture? The special one that is dear to your heart and you could not live without in your HOME. Sometimes an heirloom from grandmother or mother that is taken along, move after move; that is regularly supposed to be disposed of yet finds its place time and again. It confers charm and is a remembrance of life, of good days past.

Remade-Interior stands for a unique and individual HOME. Furniture that should actually be discarded gets a second chance, a new face, and a new shine. Exactly this personal note, combined with the creativity and stylistic confidence of Alexandra Borlein and Victoria Wölpl, creates new, yet true to the original style, vintage-showpieces for a modern HOME.

Come and visit Remade Interior Design on Facebook, too.

With Engel & Völkers Munich you benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the marketing of exclusive residential properties in the Munich area, as well as professional market-know-how. Should you be interested in the sale of your property, then you are in the best of hands: we gladly offer a free-of-charge assessment of your property and determine its current market value for you. We look forward to seeing you.

You can find us in Munich and Starnberg in the following locations:

Munich-City, Residenzstraße 23 | 80333 Munich, Phone +49(0)89 23708300
Munich-Bogenhausen, Ismaninger Straße 78 | 81675 Munich, Phone: +49(0)89 998 996 0
Munich-Schwabing, Hohenzollernstr. 15 | 80801 Munich, Phone: +49(0)89 200 065 858
Munich-Grünwald, Südliche Münchner Str. 6a |82031 Grünwald, Phone: +49(0)89 649 8860 
Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land, Hauptstraße 9 | 82319 Starnberg, Phone: +49(0)8151 368 970

- AT HOME in Munich
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