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Learn how to play polo with Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School

The Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School

The property business, like the game of polo, is all about team spirit, dynamism and the right strategy. So it should come as no surprise that Christian Völkers himself has been a passionate polo player for many years and decided to found a professional polo school. This idea was born at the Engel & Völkers Polo Cup hosted every summer on Majorca, and it soon gathered momentum. Land Rover was quickly won over as a strong partner, the start signal for establishing the Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School. At our Polo School, beginners in polo have a chance to discover the fascinating sport for themselves, while advanced players can perfect their game and improve their handicap. Under the guidance of professionals, you will quickly achieve your personal training goal and have an enjoyable time along the way – whether in Hamburg or Munich, on Majorca or in the polo mecca of Argentina. We look forward to joining and supporting you in this thrilling experience!

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Polo and the real estate business – learn to play polo and discover parallels

One of the secrets of success of the real estate company Engel & Völkers is the close teamwork uniting its global network of experts specialised in high-end real estate. Our staff in general and our real estate agents in particular are all driven by a unique passion for their job. We take their know-how of the global real estate market and the regional market conditions, both in a state of constant change, as a given. A systematic and focused approach, a clear planning of strategies as well as their implementation are essential to the real estate business. And the same factors – teamwork, passion, skill and focus – apply when learning to play polo.


The Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School

Christian Völkers, CEO of Engel & Völkers AG, discovered his own passion for polo many years ago. As he is committed to fostering young talent, and the Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School provides the perfect arena to do so. For this reason, Christian Völkers founded a Polo school with various locations worldwide, together with the automobile manufacturer Land Rover as a cooperation partner. Whether in Hamburg, Munich, on Majorca or in Argentina, the Polo School offers taster courses for beginners providing an introduction to this dynamic sport, as well as intensive courses for advanced players. No prior experience is needed for the beginners’ course; our trainers will teach you the basics of polo through theoretical and practical training sessions, and as you learn to play polo, you will experience the artistic skill of the players at first hand. Our intensive courses for advanced players in Argentina provide the ideal opportunity for you to perfect your game, improve your handicap and acquire further playing experience. Superbly trained polo horses are used in all courses. The number of participants in any course at the Polo School is reduced to 4–8 sporting enthusiasts. This guarantees that all participants will receive maximum individual support and attain a very high level of skill. Since polo is a sport that is suitable for all ages, you are free to take courses together with your whole family.


Sporting highlights: feel the spirit with the Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School 

In conjunction with the Engel & Völkers Polo School, a major polo tournament will be held in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires in late November and early December 2014 – the Palermo Open. Here, eight top international teams will play each other and establish their ultimate champion. In the run-up to the tournament, the Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School will also be offering training courses. Participants will have the possibility of taking part in the semi-final. The highlight will then be the final match, which Polo School participants can experience at first-hand, if desired.


Every year in July, Christian Völkers invites friends and patrons of Engel & Völkers, business partners and employees to the Engel & Völkers Polo Cup Son Coll hosted at his private estate on Majorca. This annual summer event is a perfect opportunity to make new business contacts and strengthen existing ones, while enjoying the magic and dynamism of polo in a highly exclusive setting on beautiful, sunny Majorca. Many guests have already been infected by Christian Völkers’ passion for the game. Tempted yourself, too? Then simply visit our website for further information.