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How to adapt the house for people with disabilities

If a person with disability or mobility problems resides with you, you may have noticed the many impediments that everyday life entails for your disabled loved one. Life can be especially difficult in a home that hasn't been adapted to their needs. Modifying the house in order to make your disabled loved one's life easier and safer is an obligation. That is why we want to explain how you can prepare your home to create a suitable environment.

1. Stair lift

In case your house has more than one floor and each one is connected by stairs, you should ideally install an elevator or a stair lift. The second option would be more affordable and a better investment in larger sized rooms.

2. Extend doors and hallways

In order for the person on a wheelchair to be able to freely enter and exit the bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms in the house, it will be necessary to widen the entry doors and hallways. Each door must be at least 80 centimetres wide and the hallway should allow pivot points so they must be 120 centimetres or more in width. Likewise, door knobs, light switches and bells should be placed at a suitable height.

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3. Shower trays in the bathroom

The best way for the person with disability to maintain their independence when it comes to taking care of their personal hygiene is to place a shower tray in the bathroom. This is due mainly to the fact that these trays are at ground level so the disabled won't need to go on any steps to access the tray. It is also advisable to place bars and handles next to both the toilet and bidet so that the disabled can feel safe on their own.

4. Furniture with rounded edges and home automation systems

The rounded edges on the furniture prevent the disabled person from having an accident upon passing the item or tripping over it. It is also a good idea to install home automation systems since it is possible to control many different parts of the house from a mobile phone or similar electronic devices.

5. Customised and adjustable beds

Aside from home automation systems, it is vitally important to fit an adjustable bed with a special mattress within a space of at least 120 centimetres so that the disabled person can climb on the bed by themselves or use the assistance of a carer.

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