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A bustling location on the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm has gained widespread popularity for the many unique sights and activities it offers. Here we get to know more about this popular and loved destination by the sea and explore its many sights, attractions, and fun activities.

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  • Playa de Poniente

Benidorm’s largest beach, which stretches for 3 kilometres, Playa de Poniente or Poniente Beach is popularly known for being a clean and relatively quiet urban beach. Its blue waters and fine-sand shores are backed by a new and modern palm-dotted promenade, with a wide selection of restaurants, clubs, and bars to enjoy. The beach offers a full range of services and leisure facilities, such as a Beach Library, children’s playground, and sun loungers.

Poniente Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag since 1987, for its cleanliness, quality, and environment-friendly services. The beach is also easily accessible and enjoyable for visitors with reduced mobility.

  • Playa de Levante

Stretching for over 2 kilometres, Playa de Levante or Levante Beach is Benidorm’s most popular venue for water adventurers and thrill-seekers alike. Like Poniente Beach, it boasts of a palm-lined promenade, featuring rows of skyscrapers as a background. It is a sandy beach which offers recreational sports, public volleyball nets, lounge chairs, and a public bathing area.

While Poniente Beach offers a calmer atmosphere, Playa de Levante is a livelier urban beach, filled with throngs of people of all ages. Spain once strictly prohibited bikinis in its beaches, however, thanks to the efforts of former Mayor Pedro Zaragoza, the ban was lifted, and Benidorm became the first resort city in Spain to allow women to wear bikinis on the beach.

  • Playa del Mas Pas

A hidden inlet situated between a high rock face lined with palm trees, Playa del Mas Pas is Benidorm’s smallest and most secluded beach. It offers a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since the area is protected from the wind, waves gently lap the shore, making the crystal clear beach a perfect place for a relaxing dip or swim.

Playa del Mas Pas is known for being a child-friendly beach, as the slow waves and shallow shores make it safe and easy for children to play. The beach also has access to a lookout point, via a stairway with a chained handrail. Many padlocks are now hooked on the chains, as couples following the European tradition of placing a padlock on a chain to symbolize love.


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- park benidorm.jpg

Within the city of Benidorm, there are a number of natural parks open to the public. Each of these offers a unique and natural place to enjoy a relaxing stroll or to unwind.

 ·         Aigüera Park

Boasting a neoclassical style and design, Aigüera Park is a large public park that separates the historical sector of Benidorm from the newer buildings. Surrounded by the thick foliage of trees, the park features two amphitheaters used for shows and cultural events and a Bullring with a small bullfighting museum that also showcases installations of the Municipal Music Conservatory.

The entire park was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill and was intended to be a “green zone” amidst the skyscrapers of the metropolis, where fiestas and special events can be held.

 ·        Elche Park

A small but unique park featuring a big fountain and lots of palm trees, Elche Park is known for being a “dove park”. This is because of the many doves that can be seen in the park’s grounds, drinking from the fountain, or resting atop the palm trees.

 ·        Foietes Park

Located in the northern part of the city of Benidorm, next to the municipal sports centre, Foietes Park has wide spaces of open ground with benches, a children’s playground, and plenty of shaded areas to relax, read a book, or just relax to the surrounding sounds.

 ·        Serra Gelada Natural Park

At around13,750 acres, the Serra Gelada Natural Park is one of the most visited parks in the Valencian Community. It is formed by a mountain range of about 6 kilometres that stretches along the coast between Benidorm, Albir, and Altea. A mountain and marine conservation area, the park is best explored on the water by boat, or via the many biking and hiking trails.

The Serra GeladaNatural Park has protected areas of plant species of exceptional value which are endemic only to the area, and even some hanging fossil dunes (also called aeolianites) that are over a hundred thousand years old!


Being a large seaside resort, Benidorm also boasts of a number of coves and unspoiled nature reserves. They offer an ideal opportunity and a reminder that Benidorm has so much more to offer and appreciate than its famous nightlife.

 ·        Cala Tio Ximo

A rocky cove with a rustic and terrain, Cala Tio Ximo is known for its crystal clear, placid waters where visitors often wade or take a dip and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. The cove also offers a spectacular sweeping view of the Mediterranean Sea, with crystal blue waters as far as the eye can see.

 As there is no lifeguard, nor any amenities, Cala Tio Ximo is perfect for those who prefer to be undisturbed while they explore the terrain and waters. The cove provides the perfect escape for a peaceful and fun time scuba diving or snorkeling.

 ·        Cala Almadraba

About 100 meters long, this cove lies at the foot of the Serra Gelada and is formed by fine sand and rocks. It is an ideal place for snorkeling and underwater swimming due to its calm, crystal clear waters, with a rocky seabed, and abundant marine life.

 Unlike Cala Tio Ximo, Cala Almadraba features a few bars and shops around the cove and is visited by more people. It is more accessible, even for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- mirador-del-castell -castle viewing point.jpg

Due to its large coastal portion and rocky coves, Benidorm has a number of natural promontories—which are points of high land that advance into the sea. These provide beautiful panoramic views and a perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze and warm Mediterranean sun.


·        Tossal de la Cala

A waterfront promontory, Tossal de la Cala is home to a number of Roman ruins, including a Roman outpost. Visitors can hike towards the viewpoint in order to see spectacular views of the city of Benidorm and the Mediterranean Sea.


On the hillside part, archaeological remains from different eras have been found, with the oldest ones belonging to the Iberian Age in the 4th century BC. There are various other artifacts and ruins excavated in the area, each one belonging to different eras.


·        Balcón del Mediterráneo

On top of a rocky divide where an old castle once stood is Balcón del Mediterráneo—a new and modern balcony that provides sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding sandy beaches. The Balcón has a few benches and a stairway leading to a lower balcony situated on an islet in the water for close-up views of thesea. This inlet acts like an observatory deck, and is called the Mirador dePunta Canfali.


·        Mirador del Castell

Built on the rocky remains of a castle fortress,the Mirador del Castell is an ocean observation deck providing panoramic viewsof the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Benidorm. The deck has plenty ofbenches where visitors can sit and enjoy the view and the fresh sea breeze.There is also a nearby restaurant


The water parks offer an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy themselves. The ideal way to cool down from the Mediterranean summer heat, within Benidorm, there are two popular water parks—each with their own unique set of water amenities and leisure facilities.

  •   Aqualandia and MundoMar

An expansive water park in the city, Aqualandia boasts of a wide array of water slides, rides, and attractions for all ages. From child-friendly pools and slides to extreme water attractions perfect for thrill-seekers, Aqualandia offers plenty of activities to enjoy.

Right next door to the water park is MundoMar, a marine animal park featuring a variety of fish and marine life, as well as scheduled water shows for the family. Situated just beside Aqualandia, MundoMar even has a viewing area next to the Dolphinarium where guests can see the water park.

The park also offers opportunities to swim with dolphins, play with sea lions, or have lemurs cling from your arms. It’s not often you are able to play with so many unique and adorable creatures.

ADDRESS: Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 965 86 01 00 (Aqualandia)

                               (+34) 965 86 9101 (MundoMar)

  • ·        Aqua Natura

Benidorm’snewest and most modern water park, Aqua Natura boasts almost limitless exciting water attractions—from wave pools with geysers and waterfalls, to more than 700meters of vertiginous water slides perfect for thrill-seekers. There is also an exclusive area for children, in order to guarantee fun and safety. You will need a few days to enjoy all the fun to be had.

ADDRESS: Foia del Verdader, 1, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER: +34 96607 27 70


Fun, excitement, and games for the entire family await at Benidorm’s spectacular and enjoyable mega-amusement parks and attractions.


  •       Terra Mítica

Set on an expansive piece of land that spans for acres, Terra Mítica is a theme park with5 different theme zones, each corresponding to a particular country or place, namely: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and The Islands. Each zone contains its own set of rides, attractions, games, and food stalls.

Take note that the park is now divided into two sections, each with their own entrance fee. Factor in the costs of visiting both, or choose the section that would offer your group the most enjoyment. It may also be convenient to stay at one of the park’s hotels, just a few minutes’ walk away, so that the family has more time to enjoy all the fun and attractions.

ADDRESS: Partida del Moralet, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 902 02 02 20

  •   Terra Natura

A zoo and theme park situated just beside the Aqua Natura water park, Terra Natura features a wide array of land, water, and air animals. In some areas, you are also allowed to pet the animals. Most of the animals are surrounded by barriers nearly invisible to the human eye, which allows for a more authentic experience.

Along with avaried array of animals such as elephants, hippos, deer, capybara, flamingos,owls, toucans, the zoo and theme park also perform special festivals and showsfeaturing the animals.

ADDRESS: FoiadelVerdader, 1, 03502 Benidorm,Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 966 07 27 70

  •     Festilandia

A small butcharming amusement park, Festilandia features old-school amusement park rides,booths, and stalls which are reminiscent to that of amusement parks in thepast. The park is especially fun at night, when the lights and music create anenjoyable nostalgic feeling.

ADDRESS: Av. del Mediterráneo, 20, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante


Unique, fun, sporty, competitive, adventurous, naughty, glamorous, laughter—you name it, you are literally spoilt for choice. Venues for the whole family, fun music-filled night with friends, romantic and fun nights for couples, there is a wealth of entertainment options.


  •        Lockdown Escape Room

The perfect opportunity to test your often flaunted wit, skill and bravery. What better way to prove your often neglected talents by being locked in a room with only a few clues to help you escape? How about a dose of mystery or horror, for a more exciting and challenging experience? Lockdown Escape Room accommodates groups of 2 to 6 people, with several themed and timed escape rooms, each with their own different scenario.

 ADDRESS: CalleIbiza, 6, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 965 89 96 56

  •       Karting Benidorm Go-Kart race track circuit

A well-maintained, fast-paced circuit, where adults and children of at least 12 years old can compete against each other on the circuit, and a huge screen details all the drivers’ lap times. This and Moraira’s circuit are my two favourite Go-Kart tracks on the CostaBlanca. There are few circuits that can provide the true feeling of ahigh-speed race and these two are the leaders in safety, maintenance andperformance. There is also a café on site for those who simply want to watch andenjoy the racing from the sidelines.

ADDRESS: Av. de la Comunitat Valenciana, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Alacant

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 965 85 33 55

  •         Fun & Quads Benidorm

Adventure,nature, and quad bikes. Fun & Quads may just have what you are looking for.It offers different kind of vehicles and equipment for rent—such as jet skis,all-terrain quads and baggies, kayaks, paddle surfboards, fly boards,motorbikes, and Segways—which will help you traverse and conquer the terrainyou want, either on land or water.

Ride acrossbumpy and rocky terrain with the all-terrain quads and vehicles, or feel thespeed, thrill, and mud with dirt bikes and motorcycles fit for even the mostunstable of grounds. If you’re up for a more relaxing time, then kayaking alongthe more tranquil coves of the city is also possible, or perhaps you want to glidealong the promenades with a fun Segway.

ADDRESS: Av.Dr. Severo Ochoa, 28, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 656 52 09 97

  •    Voices Karaoke Benidorm

A spaciousindoor karaoke bar, Voices Karaoke is open from early evening up to the hours beforesunrise.

The karaoke baris reminiscent of the late 80’s and 90’s, where a stage is set in the room, andfriends can request others to sing songs onstage. There is a screen where thelyrics are shown, and those wanting to sing or dance along can do so.

ADDRESS: Calle Derramador, 2, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 628 66 29 12

  •         Benidorm Palace

Arguably themost searched venue in Benidrorm, the Palace showcases various musical,magical, and often extraordinary performances. From magic shows and glamorousdance performances, to tribute concerts and water or fire productions, theBenidorm Palace is a hub for those seeking an evening of surprises andenchantmentwhile enjoying dinner orrefreshments.

From tributeperformances such as “The Rolling Stones Story” and “The Magic of Motown”, todazzling and astounding shows such as “Alquimiaen Magic Circus” and “AQUA”, theBenidorm Palace offers unique, quality entertainment that provides a fun andmemorable evening.

ADDRESS: Av. Dr. SeveroOchoa, 13, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34)965 85 16 60


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- vincents benidorm bar.jpg

Undoubtedly the location on the Costa Blanca most notable for its nightlife, Benidorm has often been referred to as the home of nightclubs and bars. There are roughly 200nightclubs and 1000 bars in the city alone, attracting local and international visitors to its lively atmosphere and unforgettable experience.​Benidorm boasts many places offering good food, drinks, music, and entertainment that are open until the wee hours of the morning.

  • Vincents Old Town Benidorm

Situated in Benidorm’s Old Town—an area of the city that boasts of whitewashed houses still fashioned in the old traditional Spanish style and architecture—Vincents OldTown has gained widespread popularity for being a nightlife hub in the Historic Centre for over 10 years. The bar offers good music, drinks, tapas, and a variety of shows and entertainment.

ADDRESS: Av. de Los Almendros, 8, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante
CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 965 05 34 86

  •  Talk of the Coast

This bar features plenty of shows and presentations from live performers, bands, and entertainers—some doing unique and original acts while others perform covers and tribute acts of famous icons and musicians. Food and drinks are served in generous portions.

ADDRESS: Calle Gerona,42, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

  •  Western Saloon

A bright and colourful bar in the heart of the city, Western Saloon features WestAmerican-themed furnishings and design—complete with a rodeo-themed stage where bands and performers play live. The food served is also of the Western variety, with a wide selection of Texan and Mexican dishes and drinks.

ADDRESS: Calle Gerona,03503 Benidorm, Alicante


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- la marina shopping centre benidorm.jpg

These shopping malls offer a wide variety of shops, restaurants, facilities, and amenities.

  •  Carrefour Benidorm Centro Comercial

Less than 5kilometres from the centre of Benidorm, and located in Finestrat, this unique shopping centre features high ceilings, colourful interiors, and a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, and a supermarket. The shopping centre is rather similar to that of a sophisticated International airport mall. There is a children’s play area, a fine selection of boutiques, and Carrefour supermarket.

ADDRESS: CarreteraDe Finestrat A La Cala, 03509 Finestrat, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 914 90 89 00

  •      La Marina Centro Comercial

Just a few minutes’ drive from the city this large well presented shopping mall boasts all styles of shopping boutiques, dining, leisure and entertainment facilities. It has a cinema, bowling centre, children’s play area (where you can leave the kids to be entertained while you shop) and a rooftop entertainment and food area with many cafes and restaurants to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

ADDRESS: AvingudaPaís Valencià, 2, 03509 Finestrat, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER: (+34)966 80 07 06


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- benidorm market outdoor.jpg

Benidorm offers a few markets on particular days of the week, providing fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, and spices, among others. These are the most popular markets:

  •  Benidorm Outdoor Market

Open every Sunday and Wednesday, the Benidorm Outdoor Market features various stalls and booths selling everything from fresh food to handmade souvenirs and items.

A large, open-air market located just behind the Hotel Pueblo, it’s pleasant to wander and navigate the many stalls and booths selling local produce, and crafts (like genuine leather shoes, belts, and wallets).

ADDRESS: Ctra.Albir, 56, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante


·        Mercaloix Indoor Market

Open every day except on Sundays, Mercaloix is an indoor street market in Benidorm known for its food and pastries, clothes, second-hand books, bargain jewelry, electronics, and a money exchange booth. There are also stalls selling fresh produce and spices.

The Mercaloix indoor Market is popular with locals and tourists alike for its delicious sandwiches and pastries.

ADDRESS: Av. Ametlla deMar, 9, 03503 Benidorm, Alacant

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 680 15 95 69



  • Rincon de Loix

Rincon de Loix, Benidorm’smost modern district and a sought after residential area, it is known for its hotels, restaurants, casino, and nightlife. Located near the beach, you can enjoy watersports and take some lessons in various water activities.

  • Benidorm Old Town

A remarkable change of scenery from the rest of Benidorm’s bustling areas, the Old Town features streets, buildings, and houses with architecture and design preserved from the old, traditional Spanish times. The Old Town Center has a large central plaza surrounded by shops, restaurants, and cafés.

  • The Church of Saint James and Saint Anne

A well-preserved and restored Catholic church from the 1700s, the Church of Saint James and Saint Anne still hold regular Sunday masses on top of being a tourist destination and a piece of Spanish history. It is also a centre for various religious festivities.

ADDRESS: PlazaCastelar, 1, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante

  • The Benidorm Cross

A historic and symbolic monument on top of the Serra Gelada—often referred simply as “TheHill”—at Rincon de Loix, the Benidorm Cross features a large concrete cross, surrounded by panoramic views that extend for miles. The original BenidormCross was erected more than 50 years ago by residents of what was then just the fishing village of Benidorm. It has since then been replaced with a sturdier crop made of concrete, but the historic site is still a popular destination for those who enjoy a morning hike and gorgeous views.

ADDRESS: Calle Taiwan,14, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- benidorm maritime museum.jpg

The history and culture of this seaside resort city are abundant, fascinating and often overlooked. Visiting any one of the museums you will find yourself captivated, intrigued and rewarded with a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of the area.

  • Museo Boca del Calvar

Located at the heart of Benidorm Old Town, Museo Boca del Calvari is a spacious and chic museum that showcases various artworks and pieces from different artists and exhibitors. Permanent works on display feature pieces of Benidorm’s history.

The museum now stands in the space previously occupied by the old town hall and was conceived for the purpose of showcasing and disseminating the historical evolution of Benidorm—from the first settlers to the era when it was a fishing village, right up to the time when the city was developed to attract more tourists and visitors. Therefore, many archaeological items, historic artifacts, archival photographs, and other collections bearing the history of the city are kept in this museum.

ADDRESS: Calle de TomásOrtuño, s/n, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 966 83 06 74

  •  Centre Cultural Maritim

The maritime Cultural Center is a museum situated next to the harbour on the Paseo de Colónand showcases a permanent exhibit of model ships, fishing boats, nautical items and photos that tell the history of Benidorm when it was a small fishing village.

ADDRESS: Passeig de Colón, 7, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante


Discover the city of Benidorm with these excursions and tours that offer more profound insight into the city’s rich landscapes and culture. Make a note of the attractions you would like to revisit. 

•   Benidorm Island Excursion

Benidorm Island is a nature preserve located 3.5 kilometres from Benidorm mainland. It has a restaurant and hiking trails, and visitors can get to the island and back via an enjoyable glass-bottom sightseeing boat.

•    Benidorm Train Vision
An open train designed to look like an old steam engine, the multilingual tour guide takes you around the city while providing informative and fun facts. This is a convenient way for people to orientate themselves and discover the attractions that they find most intriguing and that suite their requirements.

ADDRESS: Av. delMediterráneo, 43, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante
CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 628 38 89 78

•   Bus PanorámicoTurístico

This double-decker bus tours the city of Benidorm while offering panoramic views of the city and its active street. The bus has two panoramic routes that allow you to see more of the city and the neighbouring towns of Altea, Albir, and Cala de Finestrat.

ADDRESS: Av. del Mediterráneo, 2, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante
CONTACT NUMBER: (+34) 965 85 43 22


 Benidorm, Costa Blanca
- TI Benidorm.jpg

Multilingual staff from the tourist information centres can help you with opening times, or contact information on popular venues or attractions in Benidorm. They can also offer suggestions for an ideal itinerary to suit your group and your period of stay. There are many maps of the area and informational brochures detailing the area's attractions, entertainment and sightseeing options.

  • Tourist Info Benidorm Europa

ADDRESS: Av. de Europa, s/n, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 965 86 00 95

OPENING HOURS: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM Daily

  • Benidorm Tourist Information Center

ADDRESS: 2 Torrejó, Plaça Canalejas, 1, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante

CONTACT NUMBER:(+34) 965 85 13 11

OPENING HOURS: 8:00 AM –9:00 PM Weekdays; 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM Weekends

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