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Engel & Völkers Licence Partner Ibiza > Blog > Saving energy in Ibiza: these new regulations await you

Saving energy in Ibiza: these new regulations await you

As a property owner or resident of Ibiza, you have probably already heard about the new regulations in the energy sector, with which the Spanish government is reacting to the war in Ukraine and the associated European emergency plan. It refers to measures aimed to save energy as quickly as possible and to use it more efficiently in the future. Initially, public sector buildings are affected. However, in order to sustainably reduce nationwide gas consumption by the 7 percent desired by the government, owners and tenants in Ibiza can also take action. In this article, real estate agent Engel & Völkers Ibiza informs about the regulations that have come into force, as well as what contribution you can make as a property owner to achieve these goals. 

Efficient use of energy: these changes await you in Ibiza

In order to become less dependent on Russian gas and thus comply with the agreed European emergency plan, new regulations regarding energy use will apply in Ibiza in the future. These initially affect all public sector buildings. This also includes offices, hotels and bank branches, department stores and cinemas, as well as train stations and airports. 

This means one thing above all: a more conscious use of air conditioning, since these account for a high energy demand, as also real estate agent Engel & Völkers Ibiza knows. More concretely, according to a communication from Teresa Ribera, the Minister of Ecological Change, it follows that in the future the aforementioned places in public properties may only be cooled down to 27 degrees in the summer and heated up to 19 degrees in the winter. In addition, so that stores and businesses can better maintain these temperatures, automatic systems will be installed on the doors by September 30 . Until these are installed, it is recommended that doors and windows be kept closed whenever possible to maintain room temperatures. In terms of saving energy, attention should also be paid to keeping light off in rooms that are not in use, such as offices.

- With new regulations regarding efficient energy use, Ibiza is now saving energy

According to current government statements, these regulations will be effective until 01 November 2023, with additional measures to be adopted after the summer recess. In this regard, the time to adapt to the change is one week after the corresponding publication in the Official Gazette.

How to save energy easily as a property owner in Ibiza

Private households are not yet affected by the new regulations, but according to real estate agent Engel & Völkers Ibiza, it makes sense to pay attention to individual energy consumption and save electricity even as a property owner or tenant. The new regulations, which are asserted in public buildings, can be transferred completely simply also to the private household. This not only sustainably protects the environment, since less gas is thus consumed, but also the wallet, since the cost of gas is expected to continue rising in the future according to current forecasts. 

It is quite possible that working from the home office will be increased, as voices from the Spanish private sector are already calling for this. This would shift energy consumption from workplaces to residential properties. So taking the regulations in the public sector into account in one's own property is worthwhile and can be implemented quickly. All that is required are a few simple actions and attentions: Switch off the lights and turn on energy-saving lamps, check the air conditioning and heating settings, keep doors and windows closed and ventilate at certain peak times. You will not incur any additional costs, on the contrary: your consumption will be reduced as a result.

Real estate agent Engel & Völkers Ibiza advises gladly

If you want to take major measures to increase the energy efficiency of your house, apartment or villa in the long term, real estate agent Engel & Völkers Ibiza will of course be happy to advise you on your options and the appropriate adjustments to your property. Our real estate agents are experts in all topics concerning the purchase or sale of your house, villa or apartment in Ibiza. For more in-depth, technical information about the energy sector, we will be happy to refer you to a professional industry expert. Simply contact us online, by phone on +34 971 311336 or visit us in our store on Avenida Santa Eulalia 17, we look forward to seeing you. 

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