The E&V Mallorca Southwest team

Mallorca's southwest is one of the most sought-after real estate hotspots on the Mediterranean. From Palma to Puerto Portals via Santa Ponsa to Port Andratx, the region fascinates with beautiful beaches, landscapes and golf courses as well as a great infrastructure. Although the southwest has become a world-class destination, it retains its authentic charm, whether as a vacation or year-round residence. Whether you are interested in buying, selling, building or renting a property in the Southwest, our international team will find the ideal property or buyer for you.

For a comprehensive consultation, our agents are available in our real estate stores from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays by appointment. Make your dream of an exclusive property in the southwest of Mallorca come true with us. We look forward to be at your service!


Your Mallorca Southwest Team


Mallorca Southwest Management - Finance - IT Services - Marketing


Hans Lenz

Managing Director Mallorca Southwest
25 Merce PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Mercedes Gonzalez

Management Assistant
09 Dirk PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Dirk Rebling

Director Finance
11 Joan PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Joan Martorell

10 Isa PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Isabel Casas

Human Resources
14MagdaPascual LOGO 4x3_2110x1582px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Magda Pascual

Human Resources Assistant
12 Philippe PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Philippe Sauzier

IT Consultant & Support
17 Iris PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Iris Wenskowski

Digital Process Manager CI
24 Madita PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Madita Wirth

Marketing Manager

Claudia Dubois

Senior Marketing Manager
20 Ignasi PA_2110x1582px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Ignasi Pasarius

Digital Marketing Manager
Dominique Carol

Dominique Carroll

PR Manager Mallorca

Shop Palma Southwest & Portals

Luca Borsani

Luca Borsani

Director Palma Southwest & Portals
05 Bea PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Beate Müller

Team Assistant Palma Southwest
27 Niki PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Niki Petrik

Team Assistant Portals
09AnastasiiaFedorova LOGO 4x3_2110x1582px_150dpi_CMYK.jpg

Anastasiia Fedorova

Team Assistant Portals
12 Caroline PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Caroline Debatty

Advisor Palma Southwest
ENGEL&VÖLKERS©2020 STAFF Mallorca_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Borja Alcazar

Advisor Palma Southwest
14 Corinna PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Corinna Schmid

Advisor Portals
08 Daniel PO_2110x1582px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Daniel Hansson

Advisor Portals
30 Thomas PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Thomas Pohlmann

Advisor Portals
18 Natalie PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Natalie Rodriguez

Advisor Portals
11 Carolina PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Carolina Grozav

Advisor Portals
23 Kate PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Kate Hands

Advisor Portals
19 Nathi PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB (1).jpg

Nathalie Steinauer

Advisor Portals

Shop Santa Ponsa

08 Birgit SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Birgit Süßmilch

Director Santa Ponsa
26 Natalie SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Natalie Kubik

Team Assistant Santa Ponsa
02 Andrea SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Andrea Calderón

Team Assistant Santa Ponsa
202310 VictoriaNiemoeller_2110x1582px_300dpi_CMYK.jpg

Victoria Niemöller

Team Assistant Santa Ponsa

Karen Lauhus

Private Office Sales Advisor
202310 SissyMogyorosi_2110x1582px_300dpi_CMYK.jpg

Sissy Mogyorosi

Advisor Santa Ponsa
15 Daniel SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Daniel Ballmann

Advisor Santa Ponsa

Andrea-Charlotte Martin

Advisor Santa Ponsa
10 Bruno SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Bruno Meyer

Advisor Santa Ponsa
14IngridBorsani LOGO 4x3_2110x1582px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Ingrid Luisa Borsani

Advisor Santa Ponsa
04 Arijan SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Arijan Keshawarzian

Advisor Santa Ponsa

Shop Port Andratx

01 ENGEL&VÖLKERS©2020 STAFF Mallorca_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sassan Keshawarzian

Director Port Andratx

Constanze Tremba

Team Assistant Port Andratx
02 ENGEL&VÖLKERS©2020 STAFF Mallorca_264x200px_150dpi_RGB (1).jpg

Sabine Stolz

Team Assistant Port Andratx
03 Olga PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Olga Keshawarzian

Advisor Port Andratx
01 Jens PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Jens Warmbier

Advisor Port Andratx
07 Sigrid PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Sigrid Nestmann

Advisor Port Andratx
04 Kolja PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Kolja Chmiel

Advisor Port Andratx
03 Anna PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Anna Ihl

Advisor Port Andratx
05 Marc PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Marc Mertens

Advisor Port Andratx
02 Ratko PA_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Ratko Kucan

Advisor Port Andratx
06 Margo SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Margarita Rempel

Advisor Port Andratx

Rentals Department Mallorca Southwest

21 Isabell PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Isabell Öjner

Director Rentals
28 Paula PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Paula Darder

Rentals Advisor
13 Javi PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Javier Casas

Rentals Advisor
02 Marleen SP_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Marleen Thielmann

Rentals Advisor
31 Toni PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Toni Company Toeps

Rentals Advisor
09 Broña PMI_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Brona Marwitz

Rentals Advisor
202310 AlinaKoenig_2110x1582px_300dpi_RGB.jpg

Alina Koenig

Rentals Advisor

Carlos Garcia

Rentals Agent

Mallorca Southwest Development Services

22 Julia PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Julia Klahre

Director Development Services
29 Peter PO_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Peter Von Eicken

Manager Development Services
05 ENGEL&VÖLKERS©2020 STAFF Mallorca_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Nicole Polaschek

Manager Development Services

Mallorca Commercial


Alberto Luengo

Director Commercial Mallorca

Alissa Battezzato

Sales & Retail Industrial Spaces

Emilio Bernal

Sales & Retail Industrial Spaces
09AnnaKonysheva LOGO 4x3_2110x1582px_150dpi_CMYK.jpg

Anna Konysheva

Holiday Rentals coordinator

Giovanni Merello

Hotel Consulting & Tourism
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