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Office spaces for rent in Mallorca are in: A closer look at the market for office solutions

Triggered by the regulatory necessities at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of working from an office space and office based companies has changed: The possibility of working from home has led to intense internal restructuring and also new planning of space strategies for employees and companies. However, the idea that the majority of employees in the digital and service industry will work in remote locations in the future is not something that the real estate agent Engel & Völkers Mallorca Commercial believes to be likely for a commercial landscape. 

Furthermore, a significant part of employees consider the social exchange within the workforce to be a central element of their work quality, and certain tasks and processes are much easier implemented face-to-face than via digital communication. The rental of commercial office spaces in Mallorca is still an important subject, as the demand in the recent past has even recorded a slight increase - reason enough to take a look at the current situation in this blog.

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How will working from home and classic work in rental offices on Mallorca play out in the future?

In order to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity in equal measure, a combination of home office contingents and permanent office workplaces could be the method of choice. According to Engel & Völkers Mallorca Commercial years of experience, it is clear that different employees prefer varying work models. While some consider the time saved by not having to travel far and the focus that working at home allows as more convenient, others prefer direct communication in the office, interactions during lunch breaks or exchanging ideas at the coffee machine. 

Even if the role of the office changes, it remains the place where employees identify and connect with the company, build trust and create synergies. The key to a satisfactory overall solution can be to offer both workstation variants as an option and thus to ensure a high degree of flexibility for the employees. This way, the advantages of both models are combined seamlessly so that you can meet the needs and demands of all employees. Since the office spaces for rent in Mallorca are also extremely easy to reach - even in international air traffic - short-term changes of a job are generally unproblematic, without having to compromise the established structures and infrastructural possibilities of a commercial workspace. 

Proven concepts such as co-working or desk sharing are ideal for using the office space rentals on Mallorca as efficiently as possible: Let the commercial real estate experts at Engel & Völkers Mallorca Commercial advise you on your individual office sharing strategy and develop a new potential for innovation with us!

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Renting external offices on Mallorca as an attractive option for employees and working remotely

Thanks to the opportunities for location or distance -independent jobs that were created throughout Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic, renting office space on Mallorca is also an interesting option for foreign companies. Not only are your employees able to continue their work for a certain period of time in the sunny Balearic Islands, but you are also able to provide them with a fully equipped workplace that combines the very advantages the office location on the original market did. 

Whether your colleagues use this opportunity for a short-term change of scenery or permanent relocation to Mallorca - the real estate-side starting conditions for both options are given, while the regular quality of work and performance are still guaranteed at a high level and the employee satisfaction increases significantly at the same time. The diverse selection of offices that you can rent in Mallorca also ensures that you get an office space that best suits your company profile.

Do you run a creative, digital or service based business in Mallorca and are looking for new office space for rent? Or would you like to rent an office on Mallorca as a foreign branch in order to offer your employees a sunny alternative to their home office? Whichever project you are pursuing with the office space rental on Mallorca - Engel & Völkers Commercial, as a long-term experienced commercial real estate agent in Mallorca, will be happy to support you in realizing your ambitions promptly and in a targeted manner. 

To schedule a free and non-binding consultation, simply fill out our online contact form or call us at +34 871 62 00 83. We look forward to getting to know you and your company!

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