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Discover the magical caves in the north of Mallorca

With its breathtaking beauty, the north of Mallorca is the perfect place for nature-loving leisure activities. While many bon vivants enjoy its sunny natural beaches, crystal clear waters and varied hiking trails, Mallorca holds a fascinating secret that is often overlooked: Its mysterious caves. Beneath the picturesque surface of the Mediterranean island lie, among other things, numerous impressive dripstone caves with extraordinary formations and hidden benches and niches - a spectacle for adventure seekers and nature lovers. In addition, Mallorca has more than 200 caves of various origins - 5 of which are open to the public. Many of the remaining caves are privately owned, some can only be reached from the sea or are at the end of long hiking trails. Would you also like to discover the hidden treasures of Mallorca's mysterious underwater world not far from your new property? Engel & Völkers will introduce you to the impressive caves of the northern region, some of which you can discover on your own or as part of interesting guided tours - making your next island tour an unforgettable experience.

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- necropolis alzinaret

The Necropolis of l'Alzinaret: Historic caves in Cala San Vicente

Amidst the picturesque centre of the coastal resort of Cala Sant Vicente are the 11 preserved caves of the Necropolis of l'Alzinaret. As you walk through a peaceful oak forest, you have the opportunity to marvel at prehistoric burial grottos dating back to the Bronze Age. If you take a look inside the caves, you will see the magnificent limestone formations that hide beneath the surface of Cala San Vicente. This extraordinary necropolis is, according to our estate agents, a real insider tip if you are interested in Mallorca's rich history!

The Coves de Campanet - noble stalactite cave with a special highlight

At the edge of the beautiful Tramuntana mountains hide the Coves de Campanet. In an approximately 40-minute guided tour through the breathtaking underwater world of Campanet, you can walk up stairs and along paved paths to discover diverse geological formations. In different halls of the cave there are standing stalagmites, hanging stalactites and other enchanting formations that have formed over the last 10 million years. This particular cave also has several underground lakes that create a unique, magical atmosphere and are guaranteed to captivate you.

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- Cueva de Campanet

Hidden beauty in Cala de San Vicente: The Cornavaques Cave

Cornavaques is undoubtedly one of the most impressive stalactite caves in Mallorca. From the outside, this place is rather inconspicuous, but behind the small entrance of the cave stretches an unimaginable natural beauty with huge balconies, columns, fountains and stalactite curtains. The way to the Cornavaques cave involves a hike along the Sierra de Tramuntana range. But the effort is rewarded: once you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Mallorcan landscape. Afterwards, in an informative guided tour, you can learn more about the techniques of cave exploration and find out some amazing facts about the history of the cave. Cornavaques has many nooks and crannies on its walls, so fully exploring the cave will require some climbing. If you are looking for an adventurous leisure experience close to your villa or home, the Cornavaques cave is for you!

Tremendous natural phenomenon: the cave of San Campana

San Campana, the largest cave in Mallorca, is also the second deepest underground spectacle on the island, at up to -350 metres. It consists of several sectors, which are divided into different levels of difficulty. So whether you want to stroll through the mysterious passages in a relaxed atmosphere and contemplate the impressive rooms and limestone formations, or whether you want a little challenge for your visit, it's up to you in the San Campana cave. Particularly worth seeing is the Hall d'es Gegants with an impressive ceiling height of 30 metres and an area of around 10,000m². Embark on a breathtaking journey of discovery on the northern side of the Sierra de Tramuntana!

- Coll Baix

The Cova Tancada - cave excursion near the coast

About 5 kilometres from the historic town of Alcudia lies the hidden stalactite cave Cova Tancada. Even the hike to the cave in the beautiful mountainous area of the north is an unforgettable experience and offers a fantastic view of the bay of Alcudia. The entrance to the cave is by the water - if you visit Cova Tancada in the summer season, you can combine your expedition with a subsequent refreshment in the crystal blue sea. While you discover the beautiful interior of the Cova Tancada, the guides will tell you about the impressive history of the hidden cave, which used to be used mainly by smugglers to hide precious goods. History buffs will be thrilled by a hike through the impressive Cova Tancada!

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Breathtaking light spectacle in the Cueva Azul

A visit to the Cueva Azul near Formentor is a cave expedition of a special kind: you can only reach the "Blue Cave" by water. After approaching the cave in a boat, you have to swim a short distance in the sea to reach the entrance of the cave. The view into the hidden Cueva Azul will fill you with excitement: the sun's rays entering from the outside create a unique play of light and create a magical atmosphere inside the water cave. Let the Cueva Azul convince you of the unique beauty of Mallorcan nature!

Whether as a cool-down on a summery day or as an adventurous excursion in the winter season: a visit to one of the caves in beautiful Mallorca is always a spectacular experience. Due to the unique diversity, unspoiled nature and high quality of life that the north of Mallorca offers, many lovers of the Mediterranean lifestyle settle permanently in one of the exclusive properties in the region. If you would like to fulfil your dream of island living by buying a villa, finca or flat, our experienced estate agents are the right people to talk to.

For a personal and individual consultation about your property purchase in the beautiful north of Mallorca, simply visit us in one of our shops in Port d'Alcúdia, Port de Pollensa and Pollensa or contact us on +34-971-53 20 50. The conversation with one of our competent real estate agents is of course free of charge and without obligation.


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