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The Mediterranean diet and Mallorcan way of life

Get to know the island through food! The Mediterranean diet is well-known for being one of the healthiest on the planet, with the main ingredients being Mediterranean vegetables, fruits, legumes, and other local products, and what better way to find all you need than in one of the fabulous markets held throughout Mallorca. Come along and begin a journey into the fascinating culinary world by visiting one of the colourful local markets selling homegrown foods and products. In the north of the island Engel & Völkers recommend you visit one of the popular markets in Pollensa or Alcudia.

Olive oil, a delectable healthy 'liquid gold,' scrumptious almonds, and even moderate use of local wines are popular ingredients in most any dish, as are quality fresh fish (the Mediterranean Sea surrounding our island plays an important role in our diet and the most delicious dishes), vegetables, and other high-quality products found on the island.

Numerous recipes are prepared with seasonal products, such as the refreshing "Trempò," a kind of summer salad, made with tomatoes, onions, and green peppers, seasoned with a good olive oil and salt – simple but exquisite and, above all, very healthy.

- olives

Of course, the secret to leading a healthy life, is more than just eating the right food, it also involves knowing how to enjoy life, to be at one with nature, to exercise and spend time with family and friends and finding a balance of leisure and obligations.  

Everyone chooses Mallorca for a reason. The climate, the sea, the mountains, business or sport, gastronomy, even love sometimes and of course the wonderfully, diverse nature and the chance to live life at a slower pace. Mallorca has something for anyone searching for a better, healthier lifestyle.

- Pollensa-market-place

Looking for the best life? Reap the rewards of an authentic Mediterranean diet and begin the good life from you very own Majorcan apartment, villa or country home. Feel free to get in touch with our real estate agents for sound advice!

The Mediterranean diet has to be enjoyed the Mediterranean way for it to work its magic, that means pleasant get togethers, sharing food with family and friends and plenty of lively conversation. Food is without any doubt the cornerstone of our sunny lifestyle. It is exactly  these rituals of sharing with others has given it an indestructible root in our culture; it will always be healthier, more enjoyable and definitely more delectable when consumed with gratitude and shared with others.

People who are familiar with and follow the Mediterranean diet highlight the benefits for our overall health, especially particular organs, such as the heart. Eating this way means that processed food doesn't have much of a look in, in our daily consumption.

- Playa-de-Muro

Implicit in the Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the Mediterranean lifestyle, which can be summarized in a few key points:

• A simple, tranquil, and relaxed life. Spending days maintaining a productive pace but with room for thinking, contemplating, and socializing. Enjoying the little things.

• Spending time with friends and family; socializing contributes significantly to well-being. And in the Mediterranean, this advice goes without saying. Just look at the bars and terraces that fill in the evenings, people engaged in lively conversations on the streets, or walking together in groups.

Outdoor life. Walking on the beach, hiking, or simply enjoying a good meal on any terrace. In Mallorca, the climate is great, and we take full advantage of it!

The siesta. More than just a moment to sleep, it's a concept. Mandatory for many, to stay at home or in the shade during the hottest after lunch hours.

- grapes-and-wine

The best place for enjoying the Mediterranean diet is right by the sea or close to it. The sea plays a fundamental role, providing us with her stellar fruits, be it fish or seafood, which are nearly always present in one of the healthy dishes you will be able to enjoy.

Imagine life in this seafront villa designed for absolute immersion in Mediterranean living or perhaps you prefer this unique home to live your privileged Mallorcan way of life. Begin the move and live the dream with Engel & Völkers Mallorca North.

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