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Tips for selling your home: six things that make many buyers hesitate

Luxury home features like high-tech kitchen upgrades and landscaped gardens are often recommended to add value to a property. Yet while these features may indeed be selling points for many buyers, they could potentially make others pause. Take a look at our list of hidden hazards so you can formulate the best strategy for your home sale.

- Some initially attractive features could make your property a tough sell – find out our tips for selling your home:

1. Multiple storeys

Elegant mahogany banisters or enchanting wrought-iron railings wind their way down to a grand foyer, while upper-level bay windows give way to sweeping views of the front garden and beyond. There’s certainly much to appreciate in a multi-story home. Yet for some buyers, navigating stairs can prove difficult. Those nearing retirement or with movement restrictions may prefer a single-story property, or at least one with a master bedroom positioned on the ground floor.

2. A large garden

One of the key tips for selling your home is to make an impression on buyers both outside and in. A back garden with plenty of acreage, lushly landscaped flowerbeds and an outdoor deck with a fire pit can be a dream come true for buyers who enjoy gardening or entertaining. This can be a divisive issue however, as others may prefer a maintenance-free garden with a small, private yard.

3. A swimming pool

As always when you're looking at tips for selling your home, consider your location. For warm climates, beachfront neighbourhoods or other popular holiday destinations, an in-ground pool is an expected home feature. However in cooler climates, it may be usable for only a few months out of the year. The cost of maintenance may not outweigh the benefit of summer usage in this case.

4. Tile flooring

Hardwood flooring is often touted as the safest choice to attract a wide swathe of buyers, being both classic and easy to renovate or upgrade. By contrast, tile flooring is quite difficult to remove should the new owners wish to install an alternate material. It can also be conflict-ridden, with preferred patterns and styles varying widely according to personal tastes.

5. A central location

Centrally located properties near bustling shopping or business districts hold appeal for a young, urban demographic. Yet for young families or older individuals in search of serenity, a central location can backfire. Homes positioned near densely built-up commercial areas or busy roads often take longer to sell as a result.

6. Luxury renovations

Additional tips for selling your home include adding value with newly renovated kitchens, additional bathrooms or high-tech smart home features. Before you spend money installing a professional-quality double oven and marble countertops, consider whether this will price your property out of the local market. Conduct research to determine which features are in higher demand in your neighbourhood before renovating.

It’s vital to carefully consider your area’s recent sales, potential buyer demographics and property location to determine which features will help or hinder your sale. You can read more of our tips for selling your home and other related property insights to avoid these surprising pitfalls.

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