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Spectacular historical discovery in Alaró: The site of Sa Bastida

Alaró is a town full of surprises

The impressive Castle of Alaró represents the power and archaeological wealth of the area. Perched on top of the Puig de Alaro at more than 800 meters above sea level, this fortress offers amazing views of the Sierra de Tramontana.

In this area prehistoric archaeological sites of the Talayotic culture have been found as well. The term Talayotic culture describes the society that existed on the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca during the Iron age. In addition to that, ancient remains from the Roman Era and the Byzantine Empire were also discovered here.

At the end of last year another site with an even greater historical importance has been found in the same village.

Phenomenal discovery on the hill of Sa Bastida 

On the hill of Sa Bastida archaeologists made an amazing discovery, when they found a medieval fortification with more than 19 hectares. It is located on a path of the Sierra Tramontana in the west of Alaró at 576 metres above sea level. However, the first excavations start already from 420 metres.

After the first archaeological campaign was carried out at the end of last year, the following finds have been discovered:

- A hundred-metre-high wall.

- Numerous houses.

- Seven water cisterns.

The archaeologists came to the conclusion that this site happens to be a very well-structured ancient settlement of huge historical wealth.

The site of Sa Bastida starts on top of the hill and has an enormous size of more than 20,000 square meters. However, most of its remains were found next to the walls. It dates all the way back to the Western Roman Empire which was founded in 285 AD.

More archaeological research campaigns are planned for this and next year. We hope that they will bring more insight and provide a better understanding about the role of Sa Bastida in the past and that more spectacular discoveries of such historical importance will be made in Central Mallorca.

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Buy a house in the heart of Mallorca

When a Mallorquin speaks of "the heart of Mallorca" he is not referring only to a specific geographical area, nor to all cultural expressions that define a very own way to understand identity.

This area of Central Mallorca, unknown to many tourists who visit the island during the summer, has managed to combine tradition and modernity and maintain its character and customs to become an ideal place to stay and live forever.​

Real estate in Central Mallorca combines character and tradition 

The villages of the centre of the island such as Santa María, Alaró, Algaida and Selva, to name a few, continue to preserve their personality despite the passage of time, an identity linked to the fields and the proximity of the mountains. In addition to that, they have taken on the beneficial influence of the coastal air and the currents of modernity and progress that arrive from the city in the form of a determined commitment to leisure and relaxation.

With a view of the beautiful landscapes of the Sierra de Tramontana, a unique scenery filled with almond blossom, ancient olive groves and rich vineyards, peaceful life goes by on the streets and squares that remain faithful to the traditional architecture. 

The character of the people and the unique combination of the orography with the mild climate that prevails throughout the year, have achieved the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, the greatest treasure of those who live in Central Mallorca. 

The Mallorquin of inland, lover of good food and excellent wine, enjoys buying local products at the weekly markets held in different villages, and has preserved the ancient gastronomy recipes of dishes giving exceptional flavour to daily life.

Every town or village in the interior celebrates each year its bustling traditional festivities. It is the true soul of Central Mallorca showing in the lively gatherings of neighbours and friends sitting on the sidewalk, enjoying the breeze on summer nights. It is like time has stopped and nothing has changed.

Do you want to buy a lovely country house in the centre of Mallorca? Or do you want to find a nice plot of land where you can build the house of your dreams? Or do you prefer buying a beautiful villa or townhouse inside one of the lovely villages of the centre of Majorca? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are very pleased to help you with your request!

The best locations to buy a property in the centre of Mallorca

Starting in Algaida or Sineu, passing through Alaró, Santa María and Binissalem until MarratxíLlubí or Selva: the centre of the island is ruled by the “other” Mallorca, with its typical regions a world away from the crowded tourist centres. 

Here you can find charming country houses, private fincas, majestic manor houses, modern villas, apartments or unique estates. Vineyards, windmills, weekly markets, romantic villages, homemade delicacies, traditional trade, as well as views over the surrounding Tramontana mountains, sometimes reaching the sea.

The centre of the island is the right place to be if one wants to learn about the authentic, “true” Mallorca. And if you want to enjoy the flair of a capital city, most villages are only 10-20 minutes away from Palma and Inca.