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Engel & Völkers company signs a new franchise in Portimao, Portugal

At Engel & Völkers, we specialise in locating the business opportunities that the luxury real estate market offers when it comes to expanding. Truth be told, up to now, we have done quite a good job. An example of our latest project can be seen in the new franchise that our company has signed in the Portuguese city of Portimao.

On June 29th, 2017, we were able to make one of the objectives that we were pursuing for quite some time come true. We opened a franchise for Engel & Völkers in the city of Portimao, Portugal. In particular, that was the date when we signed the contract with the new licensee, Mr. Hoos. In fact, given the investment opportunity in the real estate market, he has moved from Frankfurt, Germany, to this beautiful Portuguese town.

We wish to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Mr. Hoos for his confidence in our business project and extend our sincere congratulations for the decision he has made. Moreover, we want to wish him all the luck in the world, although we are sure that he won't need it.

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The reason why the Engel & Völkers branch in Portimao is a safe option for Mr. Hoos lies in the fact that, at the moment, the beaches and landscapes of the Algarve have become one of the main tourist attractions in Europe. In fact, many are foreigners with high purchasing power who decide to buy a residence in the region to enjoy its excellent climate and its wonderful environment, which is also applicable to the Portuguese themselves.

At the signing ceremony of the contract, Engel & Völkers' most important personalities came to Spain and Portugal. We had the pleasure of seeing Joan-Galo Macià, our CEO in this region as well as Meri Blanco, COO of the company. We cannot forget to mention Pablo Molinero, our director of operations, and Constanza Maya, who is responsible for the expansion and support in our company. All of them, just like us, are convinced that this adventure will only bring positive aspects for both Engel & Völkers Spain, Portugal and Andorra as well as for Mr. Hoos.

In short, the Algarve region is an area with real estate potential beyond any doubt. From now on, Mr. Hoos will be able to take advantage of this opportunity thanks to the Engel & Völkers franchise that he obtained to operate there. We are sure that he will not regret his investment decision for a single minute.

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