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Owning a penthouse provides an unrivalled urban luxury

Born in New York in the Roaring Twenties of the early twentieth century, the penthouse has become the symbol of prestigious real estate in the heart of the city. A penthouse is a suite or apartment located on the top floor of a building or skyscraper. Often larger than the other properties, it also enjoys privileged access to the roof of the building. It is a haven of tranquility that will cut you off from all the urban bustle.

Buying a penthouse to enjoy a breathtaking view of the French Riviera

In addition to the climate of the French Riviera, mild and pleasant in any season, it is indeed the beauty and diversity of its landscapes that attract wealthy expatriates from around the world. By living on top of a building, you can be sure of having a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. You will be able to see for instance the Mediterranean Sea, the Lérins Islands, the baie des Anges or the Saint-Tropez Gulf, and maybe even the Alps on a clear day if you are lucky enough to have a 360 degree view.

Waking up with a breathtaking view of the sea, being at the forefront of sumptuous sunsets... are some of the many advantages of the penthouse, that offers its inhabitants the best views, due to its privileged location.

A villa in the city centre

While a standard apartment featuring a balcony or terrace that are outdoor spaces often challenging to furnish, the penthouse offers an extended terrace or private access to the roof of the building. With such a property, you will be able to enjoy an outside space whose size is almost equivalent to an entire floor. This will open up many possibilities in terms of layout: swimming pool, jacuzzi, roof garden, summer kitchen... You can almost double the size of your apartment thanks to the outdoor area. 

Moreover, thanks to the dream climate of the French Riviera, it will be accessible for a long period, from early spring until the end of autumn. Here, it is not uncommon to be able to have lunch outside without wearing warm clothes in the heart of winter! In short, buying a penthouse on the French Riviera is a bit like enjoying a villa, where it does not exist: in the city centre. In Nice or Cannes, Antibes or Monaco, the penthouse is the only real alternative to the comfort of a villa, with the bonus of all the practical advantages of city life.

Penthouses d'exception

A quiet and not overlooked apartment

The penthouse is regularly presented as the urban equivalent of the Provencal villa or farmhouse also because of the great peace you can enjoy there. In height, at the top of a building, the noise from the city, its passers-by and its car traffic does not reach you. 

You will quickly notice the pleasant silence that reigns up there while drinking coffee on your rooftop terrace or enjoying an aperitif at the edge of your high-altitude swimming pool. Is one of the assets of luxury real estate to precisely be able to afford an island of calm and serenity in the heart of the urban excitement? Moreover, this position at the top guarantees you a total and always preserved intimacy. With no neighbours above you, no one can see your living space and you can let yourself go without fear in a spirit of total freedom.

The penthouse is first and foremost a unique type of residence

The thing to remember when talking about a penthouse, all over the world and especially on the French Riviera, is that it is a unique type of residence. All apartments in a building are similar. However, if you live in the one located on the top floor with access to the roof, it is a whole different experience. It is without any surprise that the selling or rental price of a penthouse is, in general, trading well above other apartments. 

The penthouse is the only apartment in a building to have such a large space and such a panoramic view. No one lives above you, no one makes you experience the slightest noise. This symbolic position at the top, beyond all the practical benefits that flow from it, makes the penthouse a type of house particularly sought after by luxury real estate enthusiasts, especially on the French Riviera.
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