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13, rue des Etats-Unis - 06400 Cannes (S1)

Tel : +33 (0)4 93 68 64 72 - Fax : +33 (0)4 93 68 73 67

1, avenue Denis Séméria - 06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (S2)

Tel : +33 (0)4 93 54 93 42 - Fax : +33 (0)4 93 54 92 33

12, rue Gambetta - 83990 Saint-Tropez

Tel : +33 (0) 4 94 79 57 35

E-mail :

Opening hours :

Monday-Friday : 9.00 - 18.30 non-stop

Saturday : 10.00 - 13.00pm

and by appointment outside opening hours

David Scheffler 2021_1_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

David Scheffler

President France, Belgium, Netherlands, Member of the international executive Board
Marie-Claire.Sangouard_RES_Hintergrund_264x200 144 dpii_CMYK.jpg

Marie-Claire Sangouard

Managing Director French Riviera, Team Leader S2 (Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat)
Laurence Peillon New_RES_Hintergrund_2110x1582_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Laurence Peillon

Administrative and Financial Director France, Belgium, Netherlands
James Hejazi New_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

James Hejazi

Legal Director
Caroline Maitrejean_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Caroline Maîtrejean

Marketing Director France, Belgium, Netherlands
Marc Fourrier_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Marc Fourrier

Recruitment and Training Director France
Robert Oganian_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Robert Organian

Operation Manager France, Belgium, Netherlands
Paul Betmalle_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Paul Betmalle

CRM Manager France, Belgium, Netherlands
Jean-Philippe Souque_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Jean-Philippe Souque

IT Manager France, Belgium, Netherlands
Rudy Henry New_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Rudy Henry

Operations Analyst France, Belgium, Netherlands

Audrey Le Gall

Off-line Marketing Manager French Riviera
Marion Garnier_RES_Hintergrund_2110x1582_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Marion Garnier

Off-line Marketing Manager French Paris, Belgium, Netherlands
Alexis Lefranc_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Alexis Lefranc

Digital Marketing Manager French Riviera, Belgium, Netherlands
Chloë Bergouts_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Chloë Bergouts

Press Relations Manager and Editor-in-Chief GG Magazine
Charlène Sellez_264x200px_150dpi_RGB.jpg

Charlène Sellez

Human Resources Manager France, Belgium, Netherlands
Sophie GUYOT_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Sophie Guyot

Penelope Greco de Beauharnais_RES_Hintergrund_2110x1582_300dpi_CMYK.jpg

Pénélope Greco de Beauharnais

Team Leader S1 (Cannes)

Guillaume Coudray

Team Leader S3 (Saint-Tropez)
Photo David 1_2110x1582_150dpi_RGB.jpg

David Veniat

Team Leader S4 (Nice)
Katia Riche_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Katia Riche

Team Assistant S1 (Cannes)
Ange¦ülique _original 2_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Angelique Albino-Kratz

Team Assistant S1 (Cannes)
Julie BORDETTI_RES_Hintergrund_264x200px_72dpi_RGB.jpg

Julie Bordetti

Team Assistant S2 (Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat), S4 (Nice)

Chloé Aubertiny

Team Assistant S3 (Saint-Tropez)
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