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Swimming Pools: Trends and Innovations Expected in 2019

A pool significantly increases the value of a house or villa, especially in areas such as Provence and French Riviera. It also makes the property more comfortable and prestigious. The pleasure of being able to swim at any time at home, however, requires a constant effort in the maintenance of the pool. Thanks to home automation technology and its remote-controlled high-tech accessories, independent remote maintenance is now being facilitated. 

Indeed, the biggest brands in terms of innovation for swimming pools now offer programs to analyze the quality of water. These programs precisely indicate the elements present in the water and the optimal levels of these elements. Beyond these levels, the quality of the water will drop.

The program from Blue Connect, for example, allows you to accurately see the temperature of the water and its PH levels directly on your smartphone. Similarly, to keep the water still translucent and warm, the Hayward and Zodiac brands offer a new salt chlorinator model and an energy-saving heat pump. These can also be controlled and programmed remotely.

A personalized look for a prestigious house or villa

The pool was generally considered a decoration and symbol of prestige, but it is not the case anymore, as this market started to promote more accessible products matching with smaller budgets. This is why you need to go for a personalised yet trendy look. The traditional square plunge pools and small blue tiles are no longer popular. Nowadays, a pool must stand out from the others while bringing character and personality to the outdoors of your house or villa in Provence or French Riviera.

Today's pool designers have understood the challenge of this renewal and have started offering customizable accessories such as the Météki swimming pool cover. This brand offers a fully customisable cover. They will come up with a personalised design based on your photos, artistic creations, or even explanations.

In luxury real estate, having a pool cover printed with the colours of one of your artistic or photographic creations undeniably adds a personal touch. Also, it brings a sense of originality. Pool builders are now constructing unique pools like those with gentle slopes that simulate a paradise at the seaside.

A multifunctional pool for your house or villa

In our times, investing in a swimming pool allows you to enjoy many other leisure activities other than swimming. At a time when the multifunction is very popular in technological equipment or furniture, the pool is no exception.

In 2019, with growing interest in wellness and fitness, pools are divided into several distinct spaces for various activities. It is now common to find an aqua gym in the pool. These gyms usually come with an attached aqua bike, a water elliptical bike, and even an aquatic treadmill. Innovations in underwater sports equipment are constantly expanding the possibilities of activities in the pool.

When it comes to well-being, massage walls, bubble floors and counter-current jets transform a standard swimming pool into a high-end swimming pool. Such a pool can allow you to curve your body and relax.

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