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Apartments & houses in the heart of Athens: Buying property in the city center

As the social and economic center of Greece and the cradle of European culture, Athens is one of the most interesting real estate locations in the Mediterranean region and offers attractive opportunities to buy an apartment or townhouse with real estate agent Engel & Völkers Greece.

- Whether premium apartments with the latest building technology, townhouses or maisonettes - the
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1. Athens city center as the location of your new property: modern meets ancient

Here in Athens, the most populous and probably most dynamic city in Greece, a real estate location awaits you like no other: For more than 2000 years, the Attic metropolis has enjoyed a reputation as a center of philosophy, cosmopolitanism and innovation, which among other things, great minds like Socrates, Aristotle and Herodotus brought forth. Above all, the city center, which today attracts buyers with an individual mix of historical buildings, modern townhouses and apartments as well as a varied leisure and business landscape, promises excellent purchase opportunities with its wide range of real estate. On this page you will find the most important information you need if you want to buy an apartment, house or historical property in the city center of Athens - Discover the fascination of Athens city center together with your real estate agent Engel & Völkers Greece and read on!

2. These are the highlights of Athens city center for your property purchase

Athens is lively, Athens is looking to the future, Athens is multicultural - all of these properties are concentrated, especially in the city center, to form a unique overall composition that, despite all of this, does not fail to recognize its traditional and historical heritage and is convincing to buy a property. This is particularly evident in the form of the majestic Acropolis, which towers on its hill above the city and can be seen from many of the houses, apartments and maisonettes in the center. This ancient temple complex, the symbol of the city, was once dedicated to the patron goddess Pallas Athene and still attracts many visitors today. Numerous sights such as the Athens City Hall, the Kapnikarea Church and the Tower of the Winds, which once served as an ancient weather station, await you in Athens' historic old town. If you are interested in Greek history, mythology and classical architecture, apartments and townhouses in Athens are the ideal purchase opportunity for you - in the high-quality portfolio of the real estate agents at Engel & Völkers Greece you will also find exciting historical properties in neoclassical style that prove to be appealing Present purchase options.

Real Estate Athens City Center

In a clear contrast to the historical side of the city stands the commercial center of Athens, which houses the Athens Tower and many international company branches.

At the same time, some shopping centers such as the Atrium Shopping Center can be found here, and the infrastructural range of medical practices, educational offers and gastronomy is seamless and allows a rich individual choice. The Athens nightlife also knows how to please with a varied range of bars and clubs that ensure relaxing hours after sunset. Thanks to excellent career opportunities, first-class entertainment and a very good supply location, Athens city center is thus becoming a comfortable real estate location that invites young couples, working singles, academics and families with children to buy an apartment or townhouse - and also scores with short distances and first-class accessibility. In addition, the comprehensive high level of security in Athens city center and the intensely lived neighborhood feeling are important arguments when you buy an apartment, a townhouse or a maisonette and want to feel completely at ease in your new property. The real estate agent team at Engel & Völkers Greece is looking forward to personally introducing you to the current sales offers in Athens city center. We would be happy to support you if you want to sell your house or apartment in Athens - talk to us!

- Our real estate offer for Athens city center is varied and of high quality. Let our Engel & Völkers real estate agents advise you competently and comprehensively.

3. These real estate locations await you when buying a house or apartment in Athens

Downtown Athens is divided into five districts, each with its own atmosphere and unique real estate offers for sale. Probably the most famous district of Athens city center is called Kolonaki: the exclusive shopping streets with selected designer boutiques, fine restaurants and the Kolonakis commercial buildings are characterized by an almost glamorous, cosmopolitan flair, the district is considered to be one of the highest quality residential addresses in Greece. High quality apartments, penthouses and maisonettes are some of the most popular types of property in Kolonaki. Plaka-Akropolis forms the historical center of Athens: The "District of the Gods" is the location of most of the traditional sights from the ancient Greek and Roman epochs: In addition to some shopping opportunities and premium hotels, you will find the largest selection of neoclassical properties for sale here. Pagkrati sees itself primarily as an up-and-coming, creative district - from the perspective of real estate agents Engel & Völkers Greece, a particularly diverse district. Here you will find the Panathenaic Stadium, the Goulandris Museum, a large number of small, dreamy cafes and bars as well as a few schools and supermarkets. In this highly sought-after neighborhood, you mainly buy apartments and townhouses that are characterized by their family-friendly character.

In the  Mets district, meanwhile, you could almost forget that you are in Athens, a bustling metropolis and state capital: the small alleys, harmonious parks and green spaces as well as the appealing real estate offer a very special, almost suburban charm that makes buying an apartment or house invites. Finally, in  Monastiraki at the foot of the Acropolis, the various influences of Athens combine in a single district and its diverse possibilities: shopping, modern and classic architecture, hotels, gastronomy, and last but not least, the Mediterranean climate make Monastiraki an “Athens in a nutshell”, which is similarly varied in terms of its real estate offer. Would you like more information about the different parts of Athens city center so that you can make an informed purchase decision? Real estate agent Engel & Völkers Greece will be happy to answer your questions - simply fill out our  contact form to get in touch with us! 

4. Compact market information: Current prices when buying property in Athens city center

Due to its socio-economic characteristics, Athens has turned out to be an extremely sought-after property location in recent years, which is particularly true of the city center with its dynamic lifestyle: Both national and international buyers are drawn to the Greek capital because of its value for money -The relationship in Athens is extremely attractive compared to other European metropolises. Different price classes can be identified on the basis of data from real estate agents Engel & Völkers Greece, which extend over different property categories.

Apartments, for example, are offered for sale in lower price categories from 83,000 euros, depending on their location, size and equipment, while premium apartments with the latest building technology and panoramic views can cost up to 3.3 million euros. Townhouses - especially in central locations - are traded in the range between 900,000 and 1.5 million euros, while more remote houses are sold for sums between 250,000 and 1 million euros. The segment of maisonette apartments and penthouses - i.e. apartments that extend over several floors or are located on the roof of a residential building - is priced in the Athens city center starting from 450,000 to 1,100,000 euros. If you are interested in buying historic houses and apartments, you should especially take a look at the neoclassical properties described above - low entry prices are priced at 300,000 euros, while larger prestige properties can cost up to 5 million euros. As independent market experts, our real estate agents assume that prices on the Athens market will continue to develop steadily, so that your investment not only guarantees a plus in quality of life, but also represents a future-oriented investment.

Here you will find an overview of the properties currently offered for sale at Engel & Völkers Greece in Athens city center, which gives you a detailed impression of the local property market. Are you an owner yourself and thinking about selling your property in Athens city center? In this case, too, the real estate agents from Engel & Völkers Greece are your go-to!

- Benefit from the best possible conditions for your purchase with the real estate agents of Engel & Völkers Athens. Buy your dream property in Athens city center.

5. Engel & Völkers Greece: Your real estate agent in Athens city center

Find the right property in the center of Athens, conduct the contract negotiations in a targeted manner and achieve the best possible conditions for your deal - the success of a property purchase is made up of various factors. The real estate agents from Engel & Völkers Greece set the standard for realizing your project from the research to the handover of the keys confidently and to your full satisfaction. The basis for this is always current, comprehensive and precise market data, thanks to which we are the first to be informed about the latest offers in Athens city center, as well as our high-quality real estate portfolio.

Some historical objects are also available for purchase exclusively from Engel & Völkers Greece! On this basis, we will find exactly the property for you that meets your wishes and requirements. From day one you will be advised by a multilingual team of professional real estate agents who are fully committed to the success of your transaction. As a seller, at Engel & Völkers Greece you benefit from a comprehensive contact database, in which numerous potential buyers are listed. This way, we can connect with the right people in a targeted manner in order to sell your house or apartment in Athens city center at the best price soon.

Engel & Völkers Greece is your go-to real estate agent in downtown Athens: If you want to buy a house or an apartment or sell a property, we look forward to being able to provide expert support for your project. Please call us at +30 2111055000 or schedule an appointment with us by using our contact form. We will be happy to assist you soon with our individual range of services!

6. Discover more attractive residential locations

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