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How to successfully sell your property

Are you thinking about selling your property and wondering what price to sell for? Are you still deciding whether you should hire a real estate agent?

  • 40+ years experience

    Take advantage of the many years of experience our market experts can offer you, and enjoy a fast and discreet time-to-market.

  • A world of buyers

    Benefit from access to an extensive database of clients seeking to buy property.

  • Expertise & Reach

    With over 16,000 agents worldwide, Engel & Völkers can support you with an impressive global marketing reach.

8 steps to success

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Individual initial consultation

Successfully selling a property means finding the right buyer as quickly as possible and achieving the maximum purchase price. Thanks to our dedicated in-house academy, our professional team have a deep understanding and passion for real estate and marketing. With many years of experience, we know that an individual consultation is the best starting point for the profitable and efficient marketing of your property. Our unique network and proven Engel & Völkers service concept is here to support you every step of the way.


Competent selling price valuation

A professional evaluation of your property lays the foundation for a successful marketing process. Only those with relevant experience, comprehensive expertise, and profound market knowledge can accurately assess the value of your property. At your Engel & Völkers real estate shop, your sales request is in good hands. You will receive personal guidance from one of our experienced real estate experts who, based on a thorough market and target audience analysis, will determine the maximum potential purchase price of your property. After all, the goal is to find the right buyer for you and achieve the best price for your property.


An exclusive marketing mandate

With a qualified Engel & Völkers sole mandate, you gain a crucial advantage on the path to a successful sale. As part of our exclusive 'all-inclusive package,' we guarantee maximum time and service commitment, numerous options for promoting your property listing, and the measurement of the chosen marketing efforts' success. Upon receiving and coordinating all property-related information and sales activities, the corresponding data and facts are initially documented in writing. You will then benefit from tailored marketing concept designed specifically for your property, all the way to a successful sale.


Tailored marketing concept

To highlight the uniqueness of your property in the market, we have developed an individualised marketing strategy that serves as a guiding thread throughout the entire process. Initially, we selectively and discreetly present your property to our pre-registered interested parties. In the unlikely event that we cannot find a suitable buyer for your property among our worldwide database of over one million potential clients, we will collaborate with you to plan the next steps. Our extensive range of offline and online measures will be hugely beneficial, which includes a professionally created property brochure, targeted print or online advertisements, and a contemporary video to showcase your property in a unique and effective way.


Optimal viewing organisation

There is no second chance to make a first impression, which is why it is crucial not to leave the viewing experience for selected potential buyers to chance. Thoughtful planning is essential to ensure that the prospective buyer can envision your property as their new home right from the start. Benefit from the extensive expertise of our advisors to showcase the most attractive aspects of your property to their fullest potential, both inside and out. Because one thing is certain: a successful viewing tour that leaves an excellent impression is the key to a successful sale of your property, for all parties involved.


Regular sales status reports

Entrusting the sale of your own property to someone requires a significant amount of trust. At Engel & Völkers, your trust is in the best hands from the start. Throughout the entire marketing process, you will have a personal point of contact who will involve you in all activities. This includes regular updates on the sales status, informative viewing reports, discussions about planned marketing initiatives, and information on contract-related details. Communication with our clients is our top priority, because it is one of the most crucial factors in achieving a successful sale for you.


Professional contract negotiation

The Engel & Völkers marketing experts are committed to a clear goal: to recognise the potential of your property and sell it as profitably as possible. We dedicate ourselves to this goal with the utmost passion and comprehensive expertise. This is where you really benefit, not least thanks to regular training at our in-house real estate academy, but also our well-qualified advisors and license partners. From swift communication of purchase offers, guidance in submitting bids, the negotiation process, through to contractual matters, you can rely on the highest level of competence, local market knowledge, and expert negotiation skills to secure the sale of your property.


Comprehensive after-sales service

It is no coincidence that Engel & Völkers has always been synonymous with service quality at the highest level for over 40 years. Therefore, our service does not end with the signing of the purchase contract, we're here to support your after your property is sold. Additionally, if desired, we are here to answer any questions about your move. Of course, we would be delighted to assist you again with any future real estate purchase or sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to know more?

Does selling a house differ from selling an apartment?

In principle, the process of selling a house or an apartment is the same, such as the valuation or brokerage stages. However, the required documentation for an apartment sale does differ slightly. These include the partition deeds, minutes of the last three homeowners’ meetings, maintenance fee reserves statement, and the budget plan.

Can I sell my property even if it is rented out?

Absolutely, but please be aware that the sale does not break any of the legal terms of the tenancy. For buyers looking for a capital investment, the fact that there is a current tenant will not matter at the time of the sale. In the case of all other buyers looking to move into the property themselves, a tenancy is a disadvantage and this may have a negative impact on the sale price. You should also check, if applicable, whether the person renting your house or apartment has a right of first refusal.

How do I sell an inherited property?

If you are the sole heir, you have full control over the sale. However, you will need authorisation (in the form of a will or certificate of inheritance) to correct the land register entry and must do this beforehand. If there are other heirs besides you, they are deemed to be co-owners and their consent is required. No taxes will be due if the deceased lived in the house at least until the year of sale and the two previous years; or if they owned the house for at least ten years.

Can I sell my property if their is still an outstanding mortgage?

Yes! In cases like this, you will pay off the outstanding loan with the bank with the corresponding cut of the proceeds from the sale. Please be aware, however, that most banks charge an early repayment fee for such a premature repayment. You can only avoid this if you promptly acquire a new property and deposit it as new collateral for the current loan (“property exchange”) or if the buyer assumes the existing loan (“debtor exchange”).

Is now the right time to sell my property?

Even with the upmost flexibility about when you sell, there are still understandable concerns about inflation, interest rates, and how buyer behaviour could impact a sale. Our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way to ensure that you secure the very best sale price, regardless of external factors.


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