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Creating a home for bees and similar with wildflowers

The garden is the calling card of the house and an oasis for the residents. In order to save on gardening, many property owners lay out areas that do not require much maintenance. This only rarely includes a habitat for animals and it also looks dreary. A colourful wildflower meadow has a completely different effect on humans and animals. Bees love a large variety of colourful plants. Engel & Völkers supports this and is now giving away wildflower seeds! The seed mixture guarantees flowers from spring to autumn. And, what is especially practical: wildflowers must only be mowed twice a year. When you sell your property, the garden will always look well-kept and require little maintenance.

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- Participate now and plant wildflowers with Engel & Völkers: give bees and other insects a home. We have the seeds - you have the garden!

The perfect conditions for planting wildflowers

Wildflowers like it hot. Full sun and poor soil create ideal conditions for creating a wildflower meadow. The property boundary in the direction of the road also often offers ideal conditions for wildflowers. For soils rich in humus, mix in some sand before sowing. In the planting period from March to May, scatter the seeds as with any lawn mixture and press them down gently into the soil. Water regularly at first.

Wildflowers are particularly good for these insects

When sowing wildflower seeds, use native species. This benefits insects such as butterflies, bumblebees, wild bees and others. This allows them to find food and hiding places for egg laying and brood care. They serve as pollinators for the plants. Healthy biotopes almost always benefit from the interaction of the inhabitants. Wildflowers are also less susceptible to pests than popular hybrids and therefore require fewer chemical products. This is also good for the environment.

So, by planting wildflowers, you also help the bees.

Evolution has optimized many insects for specific plants. They are not adapted to feeding on other species of plants. Many popular garden plants are alien species or have been cultivated. These do not provide food for native insects. The number of these animals is declining, threatening other species: birds. More and more property owners are therefore creating new areas for wildlife. For more sustainable living, Engel & Völkers encourages this development with seeds for wildflowers that serve as habitat for bees and similar.

Integrating wildflowers stylishly into your garden design

The wildflower meadow replaces part of the lawn and acts a colourful eyecatcher. Where conditions permit, wildflowers line the fence or grow where there is little traffic. Once trampled on, wildflowers recover only very slowly or not at all. The long growing season from spring to autumn is advantageous. This has a supportive effect when selling your house in summer and proves to be pleasingly low-maintenance. Moreover, valuable oases are created for bees and other insects. Wildflowers also thrive in tubs and flower boxes, but require daily care in dry summers.

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